Absences and Holidays

Attendance, Punctuality and Absences during term-time

At South Wilford, we place great emphasis on attendance and punctuality. For any child to reach his or her full potential, it is important that they attend school regularly, arrive in good time, fully prepared and ready to learn.

Here are some interesting facts about attendance during the 2016/17 academic year;

  • Overall attendance was 97% – good but could be better!
  • Over 1500 school days were lost due to children being ill.
  • 277 days were lost due to children being on holiday during term-time (that’s the equivalent of 1 ½ years of school for one child).
  • We had 448 instances of children arriving school ‘late’ i.e. after registration.

  • 41 children achieved their Gold Attendance Award. This is awarded to children who attend school every single day for one year.
  • 108 Children achieved their Silver Attendance Award. This is awarded to children who achieve 100% attendance for two of our three terms.
  • 240 children achieved their Bronze Award. This is awarded to children who achieve 100% attendance for one term.
  • All of the children who received their Gold Award were entered into a Prize Draw and Lucy Watson was the lucky winner of a tablet kindly donated by Aquinas Education Ltd.

  • Two children represented our school at The Lord Mayors Attendance Awards. Dylan and Lucy were chosen because of their exemplary attendance; between the two of them they have only missed 4 days of school over the last 6 years!

So, what happens and what should you do if your child is absent / going to be absent from school?

Absence due to illness
Please notify the school as soon as possible on the first day of absence. Notification can be made by text, e-mail, telephone or by popping in to the School Office when dropping off siblings.

Whilst we have some guidlelines by which we have to operate (issued by Public Health England), we are keen for children to return to school as soon as you deem them fit and well enough to do so.

GPs will treat some illnesses with prescribed medicine e.g. antibiotics and penicillin. Often, once medication has begun to take effect and the child no longer poses a risk, they are ready to return to school but the course of medication has not been completed please bear in mind that we are happy to administer prescribed medicine during the school day subject to prior completion of our standard forms.

Please speak to one of the School Office Staff for more details.

Absence due to holiday
As a school, holidays during term-time are only ever approved in exceptional circumstances e.g. where employers can provide written confirmation that leave during the school holidays for their employees are forbidden.

All requests for term-time leave must be made to the school in writing (letter or e-mail). We will respond to all applications, in writing and in line with our Common Attendance protocols. In some cases, Governors may need to be involved in the decision making process.

Our school day starts promptly at 8:55am and teachers will be standing at their classroom doors ready to greet the children from 8:50am. Please make every effort to be punctual. The impact a child’s late arrival has on both the class teacher and the other children in the class is significant. Attendance registers and dinner registers have to be unnecessarily re-visited and in some cases, children will miss valuable teaching input.