Causing Chaos at the County Championships

What a great way to end the season! As a result of being City Champs the Wilford Wasps got to represent the school at the county school games. The children competed against 7 other schools in a round robin tournament in scorching temperatures of 28 degrees. They played some phenomenal basketball which resulted in them having a chance to play for a medal. During the play-offs the Wasps didn’t disappoint with two cracking wins of 12 – 4 and 18 – 6.

The final match was against Cotgrave Candleby Lane which was a ‘Battle of the Titans’ with the Wasps narrowly missing out on a gold medal. It was a brilliant day and the children played exceptional and showed great sportsmanship.

Wilford Wasps crowned City Champs 2017!

We also had another rally at our friends down the road, St. Patricks. This time we won one match and drew one. Once again the children showed great resilience and sportsmanship.

Our final bit of news is that the Black Squad went to the City Champs Final to compete for the status of best basketball team in the City. The children played 7 matches back to back, with great determination, skill and fairness. They won all of their matches with an impressive total 112 points! This resulted in Wilford Wasps being crowned City Champs 2017!!

December has been a busy time for Basketball!

Both squads took part in a rally at Nottingham Emmanuel School on the 7th December, where lots of fun was had and the children got to show off their ball skills against West Bridgeford and Edmund Campion. We have also taken the Black Squad with a few newbies on the 14th to play against Lady Bay, Good Shepherd, Pierrepont Gamston. It was great to see the children compete to such a high level

At South Wilford we love playing basketball!! We have two squads who train once a week and compete in matches with other schools across the city.

Yellow Squad train on a Tuesday after school with coach Rachel and former student Morgan.


Black Squad train on a Thursday after school with coach Mike.

Basketball News

Wasps Basketball Mid- Season Update
As we get ready to break for the Christmas festivities Rachel and Mike thought it a good idea to bring everyone up to date with what has been a very hectic first half of the basketball season.

Yellow Squad
Numbers have settled down at around the 12-15 mark most weeks and Morgan has again been helping Rachel in her coaching work.

All the players have benefitted from learning new skills and getting the chance to put these into practice during scrimmage games at the end of each coaching session.

In addition we were delighted to be able to enter the Yellow Squad for 2 rallies at Emmanuel School during early December to give them some 7 competitive matches during which every member of the squad got to play multiple times.

As other schools mainly restrict basketball to year 6’s it meant that our collection of promising year 4 and year 5’s were playing against children much more physically developed and with 2 years more experience. That being said they did themselves and the school proud and really showed how fast they are improving.

In the New Year we will attempt to set up more matches and hopefully against other year 4 & 5 teams but a very big round of applause for Yellow Squad is called for.

Black Squad
Numbers have settled around the 12-14 mark ( over a third of the squad being year 5) which is ideal given that only 10 players can play each match and the whole group are progressing nicely with a good spirit amongst all the players.

A great start was made to the season with the school team winning their first 6 matches in all competitions including getting through to the City Championship Finals at Harvey Hadden Stadium on December 1st and every squad member had already played at least 3 matches by this point.

We rotated the team in the Finals to ensure everyone had played at the Championships and we made the semi-finals where we lost by one basket to the eventual winners, Heathfield. We did though then win the bronze medal play off 14-6 against Fernwood and so the team came back very pleased with their efforts and proudly wearing their bronze medals.

Special mention goes to Millie and Lois who both have stepped up to cover injuries and have played in competitive games including at the city championships and have held their own against older, taller and more experienced players.

We closed the first half season with the two rallies at Emmanuel alongside the Yellow Squad and had a strong finish to the year by winning 5 and losing just one match.

So, well done to all our players and we look forward to having more fun and games in 2017.

Hi yellow squad Good work this week guys. First shout out to Callum Purdue…..great behaviour and proper knuckled down in the drills….really mature and getting ready for black squad…..awesome Bulls shorts too!

I learnt a lot today about different types of players and how to get the best out of each other…

Rohan, Zane and Chance are excellent with the ball, fast and brilliantly competitive. Journey, Callum and Lorenzo more measured players, waiting and watching fighting for rebounds and looking for a good pass…if they all had both sets of skills …..they’d be complete players…..and as coach…that’s the goal!

The girls…..Darcy remembered her trainers….nice one! She continues to provide entertainment on and off court….and we love her for it.

Jess and Belle the ‘me tall birds’ have thankfully come back for more…slightly overawed by the crazy lads but certainly not afraid. Both did well in the drills….in time will put those skills into games.

Lois managed not to hurt an ankle this week and is showing much more confidence on court and is clearly no longer scared of the ball. Its great to see her mature as a player. And finally Isaac……reminds me of Jack F….small but fast and fearless….. Scored two baskets in the game…born to play….

Last training next week but then 2 games before the end of term….all will have the chance to play if they want to and I hope they do…..

Coach Rach

Hello to all ‘Ballers’ ! Big welcome to our new players- Jess, Isabella and Isaac…..hope you enjoyed/ survived your first taste of Yellow squad. First comments…..great shooting technique Jess and Belle…..and great dribbling skills Isaac who was quite happy to go one on one with Morgan the assistant coach…he may be in year 8, play for the east midlands squad and is at least 2feet taller….but is beatable (ask Zane!)……don’t duck when the ball comes near you Jess….catch it!

Thanks to Callum Purdue for being first sub for his team and waiting patiently and Callum Pitter for subbing in for Ellody when she got the ball in her face …..stray pass from Mr Sharma…..but apparently this wasn’t as bad as the rabbit scratch she got this morning.

Lovely, lovely, lovely shooting technique from Lorenzo… in the team…..good focus in the game this week and great passing play between Chance and Rohan in the game and Millie didn’t get hit in the face by the coach……winner!

Morgan, Meg and Me agreed that player of the week was Zane…he got hurt 3 times and still finished the game …….brave. See you next week.

Oggy, oggy,oggy

Coach Rach X

Good training this week once they had stopped talking! Great lay up practice for Anthony, who is new to basketball. Lois showed great courage to carry on playing after being hit not once but twice in the nose!! Well done Ellody …good passing in practice.

The games saw ‘Smithy’ aka Emily get at least 3 shots away by being in the right position.

The best team of the session were the Reds…Scarlet, Angelise, Oliver K and Journey, who had awesome passing and always looking for a team mate. Coach Rachel was very impressed.

Really good session tonight, the absence of some players meant other players needed to step up and take responsibility for their teams.

A warm welcome back to Tourab. A special mention to Callum and Max for some great team play. Also to Maisie and Amelia for finding space and passing the ball well.

Zane – for listening to the coach’s advice and then doing it in the game.

Callum – for playing even when he felt unwell… what a trooper!

Chance – great passing.