Buddies and SWIFTs

If you have had an opportunity to read our last OFSTED Report, you will have seen the following comment made by the Lead Inspector “Older pupils make an excellent contribution to the feeling of security that others experience by befriending younger pupils”.

As a Christian school, friendship is something we value enormously and our Buddy and S.W.I.F.T schemes are testament to just how important we feel it is.

‘Buddies’ are children from Year Groups 5 and 6.  Each successful Buddy (we usually have between 15 and 20) will have completed a formal application, been successful at interview and have received two days of training before they are paired with a younger child with whom they can build a friendship.  ‘Big Buddies’ get to spend time with their ‘Little Buddies’ at playtime and we have a Buddy Lunch at least once every half-term where all of our buddies dine away from the rest of the school and they all seem to really enjoy this special time.

We are very grateful to Mrs Wood who leads the Buddy Scheme at our school and also to Kate Slowikowski, our specialist partner who works with Mrs Wood on the recruitment and selection process.

Alongside Buddies, we have a team of S.W.I.F.Ts (South Wilford Infant Friendship Team).  Their role is to assist the staff on the playground as another pair of eyes and of course to support and befriend other children.

Some of our Big Buddies with their Little Buddies!