Welcome to the South Wilford Cheerleading page. This afterschool club takes place every Wednesday where children are coached by the very talented gymnast Miss Ravnkide.

The club allows the children to learn how to tumble, jump, dance and stunt. Children begin to understand the importance of trusting each other and working well as a team.

They get a chance to try more technical skills such as lifting each other into the air! By the end of the block of sessions, the children use their new found skills to preform a routine to family members.

Cheerleading wouldn’t be cheerleading without some NOISE! The children are shown how to include a rhyming chant to their routine, which they are encourage to make up themselves.

The Autumn Term Cheerleading Group

This group of girls were lead by team captain, Lexie, who did a great job of leading their chanting, and even helping with choreography!