Handwriting at South Wilford

Handwriting has really taken off throughout the school. It began with a visit from Penny Pencil to the Foundation classes. She showed the children the new cursive style and the children had a go.


The children are all now practicing the new style in their learning time, using the special writing areas provided. Everyone is amazed at how well the youngest children have taken to it.

Across the school, there are stories of transformations in children’s handwriting.

Mrs Aldridge held a parent’s event to explain more about the handwriting style we have chosen and its advantages for the children at South Wilford. The parents left feeling positive and enthused by the new policy and were thrilled that as a school, we are concentrating on what they believe is becoming a dying art!

What is most noticeable to all at the school, is that the children are beginning to take more pride in their handwriting and we hope that this will have a positive effect on all aspects of their learning across the curriculum.

Have a look at our handwriting script and our philosophy behind using it on the 4 pdf's below.

The Cursive Alphabet Frieze

Our Handwriting Policy

Handwriting - National Curriculum

Parents Meeting Powerpoint