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The ECO pace was set during the summer holidays when we made some changes to lighting in certain areas of school. Venus class was the latest one to benefit from LED lighting, this classroom is north-facing and was a bit dark and gloomy! Also we have had LED lighting fitted in our main corridors and the school hall and you would not believe the difference it has made, it is amazing and so much more energy efficient!

Also, we have had sensor lights fitted in most of our toilets and also the staffroom and our new meeting room, this means that they automatically turn on when someone enters the room and turn off when they leave. Magic!

It’s been an incredibly busy since we started the new school year in September and from the things we have planned, it’s going to remain busy!

At the outset I should say a really big ‘thank you’ to our 6 ECO Councillors who give up so many of their lunchtimes in a bid to progress our quest to be green! Sam, Millie, Max, Ellody, Seve and George, I am really proud of you all!

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During the autumn term, the value we are focusing upon is ‘Respect’ and this made us think about ‘Green Respect’, all of the things we do that show respect for our environment. We spent many fun lunchtimes making a film which we shared in a whole-school assembly. The children and staff really liked the movie so, have a look yourself and see what you think!

We have made a display in our school reception area which we hope those who visit our school will spend a moment or two looking at. They will learn about many of the things we respect including wildlife, the animals on our farm, the sunshine that generates electricity (thanks to our solar panels), and the wider environment including rubbish (we are good at separating recyclable and non-recyclable items) and being mindful of our carbon emissions (many of us cycle, scoot and walk to school).

respect display

So, what else are we doing?

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Well, you may have heard about Food For Life. If you haven’t, it is a Soil Association programme about making good food the easy choice for everyone – making healthy, tasty and sustainable meals the norm for all to enjoy, reconnecting people with where their food comes from, teaching them how it’s gron and cooked, and championing the importance of well-sourced ingredients.

Lots more useful information can be found on the Food For Life website

We are working hard and are now well on the way towards achieving our FFL Bronze Award and once this has been achieved, we will begin to work towards our Silver Award.

Lots of work has already been completed by our school cook and her team and we proudly display our menus and information about schools meals at South Wilford.

food display

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Greener Families

During the afternoons of 7 and 14 November, a small groups of families worked in partnership with staff from Sneinton St Stephen’s Primary School as part of Nottingham City Council’s Greener Families initiative.

During the first session, the children worked down on the farm alongside their parents and grandparents to construct a take-away garden. This took the form of a blue plastic basket (the sort mushrooms are displayed in in a greengrocer’s shop) which was then lined with newspaper, filled with compost and then planted with a whole variety of things including lambs lettuce, garlic, beans. The gardens were taken home and are now being nurtured by the children who are looking forward to harvesting their crops!

The second session involved a pop-up kitchen where the children and adults were inspired by Michaela Bowles (of Saturday Kitchen fame) to prepare a tasty sandwich. The selection of seasonal and locally produced ingredients included celeriac, parsnip, carrots, tomatoes, beetroot, apples, pumpkin, courgette, parsley, rosemary, basil and garlic. This was all washed, chopped / sliced / grated and then sautéed before being cooled and then added to a tasty pitta bread or wrap with local ham and cheese. There was the most delicious and mouth- watering smell coming from the School Hall for the whole of the afternoon!


In addition to feeding themselves, the children got an opportunity to make a bird kebab so that our feathered friends can be kept well-nourished over the looming winter months.

This was a wonderful opportunity not only to work with colleagues from our partner school but also to learn more about the food we eat.

Did you know there are 6000 varieties on English apples?

Have you ever tasted cherry tomatoes coated in melted dark chocolate? Go on, try it, you might like it!

Bon appetit!

Keep visiting this page, we will keep updating it with the exciting things we are going. In the meantime, remember to keep it green!

Mrs Read
ECO Lead 


Children from all year groups enjoyed an art lesson with a difference on 29 November.

As part of Nottingham City Council's WISE project, we were lucky enough to have a visit from local recycling artist Anna Roebuck who taught the children how to make Christmas decorations out of old carrier bags!

It was concentration and creativity at its best and the results were great!

The decorations will form part of a fabulous installation by the Robin Hood Statue at Nottingham Castle from 13 December.

If you happen to be in town doing a bit of shopping, why not take a look?




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