School Council

Hello and welcome to the School Council at South Wilford Primary School!

We have been voted by our classmates to take on the role this year and this is some of the things that we will be doing:

We will be listening to other children’s ideas for the school.

We will be judging the best corridor display in school competition.

We will be planning and running the Red Nose Day and Children in Need fundraising activities.

We will help interview teachers and teaching assistants if they apply for jobs here.

We will be making decisions for the school about different things.

We will be talking to teachers and children about what they want to make the school a better place.

school council 3


Children in Need

This week we have been fundraising for Children in Need! The School Council decided that this year we would raise money by dressing as bears and bringing in our teddies to school, having a disco, making and selling cakes, and guessing how many Pudsey spots were in the jar. We are really proud to say that we managed to raise a super... £1093.95 to help other children! Thank you to everyone who helped us. On Monday, Pudsey came into school to say a great big well done to us all for raising so much money.
From the School Council

Children in Need17


The Great Wilford Corridor Display Competition!

As part of our duties on the school council this half term we were asked to judge the corridor display competition. All the teachers and teaching assistants had worked on new displays to brighten up the school corridors and we had to decide which one should be the winner! We judged them on aspects like how colourful and educational, and how eye-catching and interactive they were. The overall winner we chose was….. the Roald Dahl display!

Judging the displays


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