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On behalf of the Governors, a very warm welcome to our school web site. We hope you find it easy to use, helpful and that it gives you a taste of the wonderful experiences our school has to offer you and your children.

As Chair of Governors here at South Wilford Primary School I am very pleased to have this opportunity to explain what we do as Governors.

Governors are responsible for making sure the school actively provides the best possible and highest quality education for its pupils, and actively fulfils its role in the local community. The Head Teacher, Vincent Hampton, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school, and the Governors, in co-operation with the Head Teacher, set the school's aims, strategies and policies. You can find more information on this in the 'Overall Responsibilities' section below.

Our Governors meet twice a term to discuss school strategy and policies. We are also responsible for maintaining a Christian Ethos and embedding the school Mission Statement – Discovering Together, Fullness of Life: Confident in Christ, Captivated by Learning, Committed to Excellence. Additionally, all of our Governors enjoy coming into school on a regular basis and involve themselves in different aspects of school life.

Our aim, as Governors, is to provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment where children are encouraged and challenged to reach their full potential. We are proud of our school and feel privileged to support Vincent Hampton and the staff in delivering a varied and stimulating education for our children.

As a Voluntary Aided C of E school our Governing Body consists of representatives from the parents, the South Wilford church community, the Diocese, the Carters Foundation, the staff and the Local Authority. We also have an independent Clerk who is responsible for taking minutes of our meetings, and oversees our administration. Our Governors bring a wide range of skills and experience to the role.

It is truly a privilege to be part of the highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals and volunteers here at South Wilford Primary School. The children and their learning experience are at the centre of all we do as Governors.

If you have any concerns regarding a school matter the first point of contact is always the school staff, whether the class teacher, office manager, head of Key Stage or Head Teacher. However, if you think there is a matter that cannot be handled in this way we would encourage you to talk to one of us. We welcome all contact,whether it's something you need assistance with or indeed a positive comment you would like to make and feed back through the Governors. Please see one of us personally (our individual details are all below) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mandy Marsh
Chair of Governors, South Wilford Primary School

Overall Responsibilities of the Governing Body
As part of the governing body team, a governor is expected to

1. Contribute to the strategic discussions at governing body meetings which determine:
• the vision and ethos of the school;
• clear and ambitious strategic priorities and targets for the school;
• that all children, including those with special educational needs, have access to a broad and balanced curriculum;
• the school's budget, including the expenditure of the pupil premium allocation;
• the school's staffing structure and key staffing policies;
• the principles to be used by school leaders to set other school policies.

2. Hold the senior leaders to account by monitoring the school's performance; this includes:
• agreeing the outcomes from the school's self-evaluation and ensuring they are used to inform the priorities in the school
development plan;
• considering all relevant data and feedback provided on request by school leaders and external sources on all aspects of
school performance;
• asking challenging questions of school leaders;
• ensuring senior leaders have arranged for the required audits to be carried out and receiving the results of those audits;
• ensuring senior leaders have developed the required policies and procedures and the school is operating effectively
according to those policies;
• acting as a link governor on a specific issue, making relevant enquiries of the relevant staff, and reporting to the
governing body on the progress on the relevant school priority; and
• listening to and reporting to the school's stakeholders : pupils, parents, staff, and the wider community, including local employers.

3. Ensure the school staff have the resources and support they require to do their jobs well, including the necessary expertise on business management, external advice where necessary, effective appraisal and CPD (Continuing Professional Development), and suitable premises, and that the way in which those resources are used has impact.

4. When required, serve on panels of governors to:
• appoint the headteacher and other senior leaders;
• appraise the head teacher;
• set the headteacher's pay and agree the pay recommendations for other staff;
• hear the second stage of staff grievances and disciplinary matters;
• hear appeals about pupil exclusions.

As a CofE school we also have responsibility for ensuring that the ethos and values of a Christian school are maintained and upheld by the school. Our school should be 'Distinctive, Inclusive, Effective and Rooted' and this is something the Governors at South Wilford are actively seeking to encourage within the school.


mandy marshsmlMandy Marsh, Chair of Governors
I have 5 children who span primary to secondary school and beyond! I have been involved in school governance since 2004 in a number of schools. As Chair of Governors I am passionate about expecting, and creating, the best learning environment for our children; and firmly believe that every child deserves to excel and live to their full potential. Currently working for Nottingham CityCare I am exploring blending work, home and school together in a bid to bring community to Nottingham.

Lizzie Smith

Lizzie Smith, Staff Representative
My name is Lizzie Smith and I am the staff representative on the governing body. I have been a part-time teacher at South Wilford School for 15 years working in both key stages. I count it a huge privilege to teach and work in a Christian school with such a hardworking and expert staff team. I am committed to supporting the school and its leaders as it embraces the many challenges of nurturing and educating our children for life in the 21st century.


Alex TaylorAlex Taylor
I decided to become a Governor at South Wilford School because I felt it would be a great opportunity for me to support the school in continuing to provide a great education for children in the local community. My own children have both experienced a fantastic education here, academically, spiritually and holistically so I wanted to be a part of helping continue that opportunity for other children into the future. I am passionate about education and the importance of developing life skills in children. Having worked most recently as a teacher and previously in the private sector, I try to bring skills from all aspects of both my professional and personal life to help the Governing body as a team.

Madelaine coxMadeleine Cox - Foundation Governor

I am a Christian, the mother of four children and a local resident. My background is in education particularly modern language teaching in industry and secondary schools. I have experience in pastoral care, the successful transition of children from Primary into Secondary education and the promotion of links with the community.

My many years of association with the Carters Educational Trust together with my absolute belief that every individual child whatever their ability or circumstance must receive the very best education in its fullest sense, led to my acceptance two years ago of an invitation to become a Governor of South Wilford Church of England School.

This is a privileged but very rewarding position of great responsibility and I am proud to be part of a Governing Body which supports, continually challenges and takes a full and active part in the life of the school; I especially enjoy the celebrations of achievement and success of every child and watching them grow in confidence throughout their time in the school. I share the Christian values and vision of the school and I am committed to playing my part in a team striving to ensure continued excellence in a growing and exciting school environment.

Maureen CollinsMaureen Collins - PCC Governor
I am one of the ministers at St Wilfrid's Church, and enjoy being connected to the school, taking assemblies and getting to know staff and pupils, and parents. I also visit our local pre-schools and toddler groups, so see the children coming up into South Wilford. Connections to Emmanuel mean that I also see them transitioning to secondary school. Being part of the community is very important to me.

I have three children of my own - the youngest is now 16. I was previously a teacher, so have experience of teaching children from age 4 to age 18, and greatly appreciate the hard work that teachers do.

Alistair MacnaughtanAlistair Macnaughtan - Parent Governor
I grew up in and around Wilford, and moved back from overseas several years ago. I am married and have two children at South Wilford School. My motivation as a governor is based around the progress and happiness of our children. I believe all of our children deserve the very best we can offer and I want to give back and add to the wonderful experience that my children have had so far within the school. My background in business, training and teaching equips me with some useful skills that I hope helps the governing body and the school to be effective and supportive to teachers, parents and the children.

Wendy CranefieldWendy Cranefield - PCC Governor
Nelson Mandella said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
These words have been become an inspiration to me, both as a Primary school teacher and subsequently as a Governor.
I believe that harnessing and nurturing the potential within every child is essential to their primary school life. I am also a parent of the school, and thus felt the call to work as part of a team to create an environment where pupils flourish and develop into the people of tomorrow.


pccTom McGowan – PCC Governor
I joined the governing body in 2017 having been a part of St Wilfrid's church for the last 6 years. My first child is starting at South Wilford in Sept 2017, and I work as a doctor, having spent the last two years teaching medical students at Nottingham University. I have a passion for South Wilford School to provide an excellent education for all the children in our community with true Christian distinctiveness, and aim to support the school and governing body in achieving this.



Rev-Phil-MarshPhil Marsh – Ex-Officio

As Vicar of St Wilfrid's church I have an ex-officio position on the governing body at South Wilford School, and have been involved with the governors since the very start of my ministry in this parish. I am also a very proud dad, and love the fact my children are a part of this school.

As Vicar and parent I really value the way in which the school provides a focus for us as a community and see the school family not just as the pupils and staff, but being comprised of all the families represented by the children. There is a very unique partnership between church and community and parents and staff and children.

The question I most often bring to governors is what is it that makes us distinctive? What sets us apart from any other school? And, importantly how do all stakeholders engage and participate together in building the kind of school which delivers outstanding education for our children and enables every single child in our care to flourish in every regard in education, in character, in heart and in faith, to know security, to know love and to know how to love?

All we do as governors, whether it be oversight of finances, keeping staff accountable to policy and standards, driving the strategic vision and direction, or reviewing pupil progress and curriculum, all of it, every scrap, is for the benefit and gain of all our children. That's why I value being a governor, and that's why I love the ways our school can bring us together as a community.


Pino  RosaPino De Rosa - PCC Governor

I have lived in Wilford since 1994 and have 4 daughters who have all been pupils of South Wilford School. I run a rail engineering business which was established in Wilford in 1995 and is now headquartered across the river. Wilford and its community has had a positive impact on me and my family's life, it is a great place to live and work and has a healthy sense of community. My aim is to use my business skills and community drive to support the children and staff of South Wilford so that we can continue to build on the legacy that has existed within the community over centuries.



Appointing Body Name of Governor Expiry of Term of Office
1. DBE Rev Maureen Collins 23.03.19
2. DBE Mandy Marsh 30.09.19
3. DBE Pino de Rosa 30.09.19
4. DBE (Carter’s Educational Foundation) Madeleine Cox 26.07.16
5. PCC Tom McGowan 30.04.21
6. PCC Alex Taylor 30.04.21
7. PCC Wendy Cranefield 05.10.18
8. St Wilfrid’s Incumbent – Ex-Officio Rev. Phil Marsh Ex-officio
9. Elected Parent Alistair MacNaughtan 11.10.19
10. Authority VACANT -
11. Staff Lizzie Smith 30.09.17
12. Head of School Vincent Hampton Ex-officio

Associate Members : Kelly Lee, Roger Periam.

Clerk to Governors: Claire Smith, c/o South Wilford Endowed CE VA Primary School This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

Click here to view the 'Declaration for Governors'

May 2016


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