Early Years

Welcome to Rockets and Comets!

We may be the youngest children at South Wilford Primary School but we work very hard as well as having lots of fun!

We hope that you can use our webpage as a catalyst for discussion about what we have been learning in school (in case your child says "I can't remember" or "I don't know" when you ask them!)

Our Team:

Miss Albans-Marriott – Early Years Lead, Comets Class Teacher

Dr. Reay – Rockets Class Teacher

Mrs Durner – PPA cover

Mrs Birkbeck – Early Years TA

Ms Bull – Early Years TA job share

Miss Johnson – Early Years TA job share

  • PE We do PE once a week (either Wednesday or Friday). Children need to keep their PE kit in school all half term and any long hair needs to be tied back in a bobble.

  • Tapestry Don't forget to keep checking Tapestry for observations of your child to see what they have been learning, and please add photos or comments of all their fantastic learning and achievements at home!

  • Water Bottles Children need to have a water bottle in school every day with water in and not juice, as we are a Healthy School.

  • Reading A member of staff will read with your child once a week, but it is important that you regularly read with them and practise their High Frequency ‘tricky’ words and letter sounds at home.

  • Maths Challenges Have a go at these at home with your child to reinforce maths learning in class each week; they do not need to be handed in at school.


Early Years Maths Morning

Thank you to all those parents that were able to attend the maths morning! We had a fantastic morning exploring our maths activities with you and the children really enjoyed the opportunity to show you their learning! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.







Once Upon a Time...

Have you been wondering what we have been getting up to the last few weeks? We have been very busy! We have been role playing lots of stories including the Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been ordering numbers, building our own houses, planting cress and measuring our bodies to name a few of the things we have loved doing.

We have also had the privilege of meeting Ollie Hynd and learning about how he won his gold medals!

Once Upon a Time 


Week 1 The Gingerbread Man

Foundation had loads of fun in the role play bakery! We actually made real gingerbread men in the Ark with Mrs Durner. We decorated them with smarties. We re-enacted the story in our wonderful small world table. We wrote instructions on how to bake gingerbread biscuits. Outside we participated in the retell and had loads of fun running around trying to catch the gingerbread man!

Gingerbread Man


Chinese New Year

Foundation had a visit from Kyren's mum. She gave a wonderful presentation on the origin of Chinese New Year. We learnt about the race of the 12 animals and how each animal tried their best to win. We all had a taste of some delicious vegetable spring rolls and some dim sum. There was a selection of clothes to see and some red envelopes with chocolate coins.

The celebration for the New Year lasts 2 weeks. We also learnt how to say the Happy New Year in Chinese!

Chinese New Year 


Dances from around the world

For our first 3 sessions of Fascination Learning we decided we wanted to learn more about dances around the world. We began with traditional English Country Dancing and we really enjoyed working together in partners to perform the dance. We were really good at copying the sequence of moves and we particularly enjoyed the clap and kick! In our following sessions we compared this to traditional African Dancing. Lots of African dances are performed in circles.

We looked at a dance focusing around wild animal movements which was lots of fun but we enjoyed our final African dance even more! We had to pretend we were in the middle of a big clock and move around our clocks to perform the dance. We incorporated some African drumming. It was tricky to make the Djembe drum make the different sounds but we experimented with making the bass, tone and slap.

 line dancing

PC Bridgewater

PC Bridgewater visited the F2 children to discuss his special uniform as a part of our topic 'dress to impress'.

He passed around his hard hat and everyone tried it on for size. It is a pointy hat and protects the head from injury.
PC Bridgewater carries bandages in case he has to perform first aid on an injured person. He carries a baton in case he needs to rescue people or pets from houses or cars. He also carries a notebook; handcuffs; a walkie–talkie.

He wears an ID badge. He sometimes works on foot and sometimes from his police car.

We learnt so much from the visit. A big thank you from all of Reception.

pc bridgewater


Treasure Hunt

We took our idea of a treasure hunt and explored the grounds of our wonderful school. We took pictures of different areas and then followed a map to find the treasure. We used skills of measuring. We used positional language.

treasure hunt


Visit from Phil the Vicar

Phil the vicar came to show us his special clothes. He showed us his black cassock, the white surplus and lots of colourful stoles.
Phil wears these special clothes when he is in church.

Phoebe and Kieron tried them on!

visit vicar

Happy birthday to you!

We are all really enjoying our ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ topic focus this week on Birthdays. We have been making party hats and decorations, writing cards and invitations, making playdough cakes and counting candles, using whisks and mixers with flour and messy play, sharing (pretend) treats between friends and teddy bears, wrapping presents and dancing to party music. We have found out about how birthdays are celebrated within our class, and around the world, and later on in the week we are going to bake a birthday cake for Mrs Lazenby ready for her birthday next week!



Down on the farm…

These past two weeks it has been Rockets and Comets turn to work on the school farm. We have been busy doing a range of jobs including collecting the eggs from the chickens, topping up the food and water for the animals, cleaning out their pens, cages, hutches, and getting to know the lovely rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens a little bit better!



We have been learning all about night and day, light and dark and the different seasons and weather. The season tree collages we made are beautiful and we enjoyed learning about the changes that happen as the season changes. Throughout the week we kept a weather diary and recorded the weather after checking outside. We enjoyed exploring the different lights in the dark sensory room and playing in a dark den we made outside with torches. We used non-fiction books to find out about nocturnal animals, particularly owls and hedgehogs, and also read some stories about them. We used clay to make hedgehogs and also used materials to do some beautiful night time and owl babies collages. We also explored nature in Autumn and made patterns and collages out of conkers, pinecones and Autumn leaves, as well as taking photographs of the Autumn leaves outside on the field and recording videos of the crunching sounds they make under our feet.


New Wild Garden:

autumn wild garden





Rockets and Comets were very busy last week learning about all different kinds of celebrations, traditions and festivals. We found out about Guy Fawkes, did some beautiful firework dancing in PE and enjoyed our very own fire-pit, complete with hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows! We learned about different festivals of light, such as Diwali and Hanukkah, and how they are celebrated; looking at similarities and differences between stories, cultures and traditions. We were also very lucky to have Mrs Sharma come and show us her beautiful clothes and to talk to us about her own Diwali celebrations. We definitely had an eventful week!

Fireworks and Bonfire Night:


Fire pit:










Virtual trip!

We took a virtual trip around Wilford using Google Earth which was fantastic! We had lots to say about what we could see and it whizzed around very quickly! We have been making our own small world version of Wilford by box modelling. It has been fun learning how to make the beebots move on the grids and we have made lots of pictures with 2D shapes!

Local Area


My History

This week we have been learning all about our history. We have been remembering what we could and couldn’t do when we were babies and thinking about the things we have learnt to do now we are older. We had a baby visit us in our classrooms which was very exciting! Lots of children have practised bathing babies and dressing them too.

baby history2


We made patterns out of all different kinds of things – peg boards, threading beads, toy fruit and coloured counters. We also drew and coloured in patterns, and used real fruit to print paint patterns.



Handa’s Surprise

We have been reading the story of Handa’s Surprise about a little girl in an African village who sets off on a journey to take a basket of fruit to her friend in another village. But there are some cheeky animals en route who also like the look of the delicious fruit in Handa’s basket! We talked about about where Handa lives, practised writing simple sentences to retell the story, found 1 less from a group of fruits, and enjoyed tasting, printing and drawing different fruits.

handas surprise


Fruit Tasting

To learn more about the seven delicious fruits that Handa put in her basket for her friend Akeyo, we used our senses to touch, smell, look and taste them. There was a mango, pineapple, passion fruit, orange, avocado, banana, and a guava. We also talked about how fruit, and vegetables, are healthy to eat and we should aim to have ‘5 a day’, and sorted different foods into healthy and non-healthy groups.

fruit tasting

The Farm

Look at what we've been up to at the Farm….



In a dark, dark town, On a dark, dark street….

We really enjoyed listening to and joining in with the Funnybones story, as well as learning their song (“The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone. The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone” etc.). We learnt all about the different parts of our body and the things that our bodies can do. We also matched labels and made skeleton pictures out of art straws.


Here are a few photos of us having fun during our first week at school

 Starting School

Superheroes to the Rescue!

We have been busy saving the world with our fabulous dance moves dressed as our superhero alter-egos in our school-made superhero capes. We also had lots of fun role-playing superheroes this week and reading superhero stories and comics.





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