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Welcome to Rockets and Comets!

We may be the youngest children at South Wilford Primary School but we work very hard as well as having lots of fun!

Rockets class teacher is called Mrs Lazenby, and her teaching assistant is Mrs Birkbeck.

Comets class teacher is called Miss Albans-Marriott and her teaching assistants are Mrs Farmer and Mrs Bull. On Tuesdays you will also see Mrs Durner in our classes.

We will update our page with photographs of the children's school work and activities, but also with links and documents to help you support your child at home, so please keep checking the school website on a regular basis. We hope that you can use our webpage as a catalyst for discussion about what we have been learning in school (in case your child says "I can't remember" or "I don't know" when you ask them!)

  • PE We do PE once a week, although sometimes we have extra PE sessions with a specialist teacher. Children need to keep their PE kit in school all half term and any long hair needs to be tied back in a bobble.

  • Tapestry Don't forget to keep checking Tapestry for observations of your child to see what they have been learning, and please add photos or comments of all their fantastic learning and achievements at home!

  • Water Bottles Children need to have a water bottle in school every day with water in and not juice, as we are a Healthy School.

  • Reading A member of staff will read with your child once a week, but please read with them and practise their Bear Words and letter sounds at home regularly.

  • Maths Challenges Have a go at these at home with your child to reinforce maths learning in class each week; they do not need to be handed in at school.



In a dark, dark town, On a dark, dark street….

We really enjoyed listening to and joining in with the Funnybones story, as well as learning their song (“The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone. The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone” etc.). We learnt all about the different parts of our body and the things that our bodies can do. We also matched labels and made skeleton pictures out of art straws.


Here are a few photos of us having fun during our first week at school

 Starting School

Superheroes to the Rescue!

We have been busy saving the world with our fabulous dance moves dressed as our superhero alter-egos in our school-made superhero capes. We also had lots of fun role-playing superheroes this week and reading superhero stories and comics.



Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!
From pretend train rides and days on the beach to working in the travel agents and the seaside shop, we have really enjoyed pretending to be at the seaside and we have written some amazing imaginative stories using the story 'The Sandcastle'. We have explored rock-pools, built sandcastles, designed boats and had an ice-cream at the café!


We learnt a whispering chant using food words that sounded like a train moving:

Co-fee x4
Cheese and biscuits x4
Beef and Carrots x4
Fish and chips x4

The children then made up their own different versions by changing the theme of the words.


All Aboard!
In our Computing session last week we made short animations depicting the changing view out of the window on a train ride, and we were then able to explore speeding up and slowing down the animations. Here are some examples of the lovely work we created.

isabel train ride izzy train ridejames train ride Luca tain ride RHYs train ride


Oh help! Oh no! It’s a Gruffalo!
We really enjoyed listening to and retelling the story of The Gruffalo. Our role play area became the deep dark woods, we made some lovely crafts and we used adjectives in our super descriptive writing about The Gruffalo for our display. 



It was finally time to let Comet's class butterflies go on Wednesday. We have really enjoyed watching the caterpillars changing over the last few weeks and have often been enthralled with the changes we have seen before our very eyes. We have also had the opportunity for two of our children to learn how to make iMovies this week so they made this movie of the butterflies being released for you all to enjoy! We hope you enjoy watching it.



School Trip!
We had the most amazing time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park last week. The sun was shining all day and the children were all so well behaved. We managed to see lots of different animals including leopards, giraffes, lions, tigers, polar bears, baboons, wallabies, lemurs, otters, ostriches, antelope, meerkats, and some of them came very close to us!! We saw them being fed, climbing trees, sleeping and some were even fighting! One highlight was seeing a baby joey climb in and out of its mummy wallaby's pouch; another was watching the polar bears swimming and catching fish. We were all exhausted after a busy day walking around the wildlife park, and most of us (children!) fell asleep on the way home!



I spy with my little eye...
Yesterday we went on a mini-beast hunt. We found out about their habitats and explored under rocks, tree stumps, leaves, soil and even our school Eco Council's mini-beast hotel! We found centipedes, woodlice, snails, worms, spider webs, ants and flies.



Creepy Crawlies
We have really enjoyed learning all about minibeasts. We have explored new art techniques to create symmetrical butterflies and sparkly spider webs and we have practised our creative skills by making split pin minibeasts and dangling spiders. Lots of us have had fun dressing as explorers in the role-play area, catching minibeasts and observing them closely with magnifying glasses.

Creepy Crawlies

Our New Pets
In each Foundation Stage class we have some new pets: five tiny little caterpillars! Since they arrived last week they have eaten and grown, and then eaten and grown some more! We are excited to see them growing and wriggling around, and can't wait till they make their chrysalises and become butterflies.



Ugly Bug Ball!
In PE we used a parachute to act out a caterpillar life cycle: it was the leaf for the caterpillars to munch on, the cocoon for us to go inside and then the butterfly flapping its colourful wings. After we had used the parachute we had an ugly bug ball and danced around the hall, exploring different ways of moving like mini-beasts.


Eric Carle Artwork

We have been reading lots of Eric Carle stories, such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Busy Spider and The Bad Tempered Ladybird. We visited Eric Carle's website to find out how he does the illustrations for his books and then we had a go at creating some of our own caterpillars in his style.

eric carle

Spring has Sprung! We are so excited that the weather has started to improve, the birds are singing and the flowers are starting to come out. We had a lovely day in the 'Wild' wild garden pretending to be explorers in the woods, looking at the daffodils and watching the frogs in the pond.



World Book Day
We celebrated World Book Day in style, with a wonderful array of fantastic costumes. It was great to share our favourite books with our friends in class and even to share them with some of the older children too. We had a parade of our costumes in the hall with the rest of the school and took part in a Book Day quiz challenge!

World book day

3 Little Pigs
When we found out about the three little pigs we went out on a walk around Wilford to look at different types of houses to compare them to houses in different countries around the world. We learnt about odd and even house numbers and we had lots of fun building and making collages of the three pigs houses. We especially enjoyed acting out the story and were very good at remembering what the characters in the story say.

 3 pigs

The Gingerbread Man
Run, run as fast as you can! This week we read the story of The Gingerbread Man and we pretended to make our own biscuits and cakes in our bakery role play area. We explored play dough that was scented with ginger and we wrote recipes for making gingerbread. Finally we baked our very own Gingerbread Men and gobbled them all up like the sly fox!

The Gingerbread Man 

Someone's been sitting in my chair! And they've broken it! On Monday we arrived into our classrooms to find broken chairs, bowls of porridge and a blanket. We investigated the scene and decided that maybe Goldilocks had been! We helped her to write a letter apologising to Baby Bear and did puppet shows retelling the story. We drew a map of the woods on a grid and programmed the Beebot to travel to different squares on the grid. There was a 'blindfold challenge' using our sense of smell and sense of touch to guess the different breakfast cereals which was lots of fun. Our favourite part of the week was looking at the changes that occur to porridge when it is heated up, talking about our own preferences for breakfast and tasting the porridge with different toppings!



Chinese New Year
Happy New Year! We celebrated Chinese New Year all week in Early Years. We made lanterns and dragons, and dressed up to play in the Chinese restaurant role play area. We enjoyed listening to Chinese music and doing a dragon dance in PE! Mrs Wang came in to take us on an aeroplane ride to China where she told us the story of how the animals of the Chinese zodiac were chosen and showed us lots of lovely things, like the dancing lion and the red packets of money that children are given coins in. She even let us have a go at picking up marshmallows with chopsticks! On Friday we cooked and tasted some Chinese noodles and we had a go at writing the Chinese symbols for numbers and words.

 Chinese New Year2


Outside Maths Pattern
We like taking our learning outside, and so when we were doing about patterns in Maths last week we decided to see if we could make some patterns with our bodies! We took turns to make body shapes that were narrow and wide, short and tall, and we tried putting our arms in different positions. It was lots of fun and we were very good and making repeating patterns.

outside maths pattern 

Paralympic Visitor
We were so excited last week when a special visitor came into school! He was called James Crisp and he has competed for Great Britain in the Paralympics lots of times. He talked to us about how he trained very hard every day and talked about how we can reach our goals if we keep practising and try our best. He showed us some of the medals he has won and even let us hold them! We can't wait to see how he gets on in Rio in September!

paralympic James Crisp


This half term our topic is called 'Dress to Impress!'. We have read lots of different stories about clothes and shoes, such as Mrs Lather's Laundry, Pants, Sonny's Wonderful Wellies and The Smartest Giant in Town. We have had a launderette in our classrooms and carried out experiments washing and drying clothes and finding out about waterproof materials. We have also been measuring our feet and using adjectives to describe different shoes in the shoe shop. We all brought in our own special clothes from home and had a fashion parade, and Maureen came in to show us the special clothes worn by vicars, and Mrs Sharma brought in some of her special clothes from India to show us.



Winter Walk
One cold, frosty morning we decided to go for a winter walk. We wrapped up warm and set off to look at the changes in nature all around us. We were very excited to see that the grass had turned white and we enjoyed touching the pieces of ice that we found around the school grounds. Luckily, when we came back inside after our walk we warmed ourselves up again with hot chocolate and toast! Yum!

 winter walk


The last few weeks of term were very busy but very festive! We decorated our classroom Christmas trees and made lots of beautiful decorations. We really enjoyed experiments with ice, made fluffy snowmen, did some super pictures and typing about snow, winter and ice and became Arctic explorers! We played with the Santa Express train track and built toys in Santa's workshop. We also wrote letters to Santa and learnt about the Christmas story. At the end of term we had a Christmas party and had a very special visit from Santa with some presents for us!


Christmas Play
Did you see 'Whoops a Daisy Angel'? We performed our special Christmas production three times! All the actors, narrators, dancers and singers did a fantastic job! We learnt all about the real Christmas Story and enjoyed retelling our own version. We really loved having our fantastic audiences and our teachers were VERY proud of us. Next stop...the West End!

Christmas Play


We are all really enjoying our 'Let's Celebrate!' topic focus this week on Birthdays. We have been making party hats and decorations, writing cards and invitations, making playdough cakes and counting candles, using whisks and mixers with flour and messy play, sharing (pretend) treats between friends and teddy bears, wrapping presents and dancing to party music. We have found out about how birthdays are celebrated within our class, and around the world, and later on in the week we are going to bake a birthday cake for Mrs Lazenby!



Owl Babies
We learnt all about night and day, light and dark last week. We enjoyed exploring the different lights in the dark sensory room and playing in a dark den we made outside with torches. We used non-fiction books to find out about nocturnal animals, particularly owls and hedgehogs, and also read some stories about them. We used clay to make owls and hedgehogs and also used materials to do some beautiful nigh time and owl babies collages.

owl babies 

We learnt all about night and day, light and dark last week. We enjoyed exploring the different lights in the dark sensory room and playing in a dark den we made outside with torches. We used non-fiction books to find out about nocturnal animals, particularly owls and hedgehogs, and also read some stories about them. We used clay to make owls and hedgehogs and also used materials to do some beautiful nigh time and owl babies collages.


Rockets and Comets were very busy last week learning about all different kinds of celebrations, traditions and festivals. We found out about Guy Fawkes, did some beautiful firework dancing in PE and made a 'Guy' for the Wilford Bonfire. We learned about the festivals of Diwali and Hanukkah and how they are celebrated; looking at similarities and differences between celebrations. We read 'Room on the Broom' and made rhyming potions, and also performed some firework poetry.



Maths Challenge
Click here to view our Maths Challenges Autumn 2.

My History

This week we have been learning all about our history. We have been remembering what we could and couldn't do when we were babies and thinking about the things we have learnt to do now we are older. We had babies visit us in our classrooms this week which was very exciting, especially getting to play with some of their toys! Lots of children have practised bathing babies and dressing them too.

my history


Outdoor Maths

We really enjoy taking our learning outdoors. Here you can see us making repeating patterns with natural objects and finding amounts of natural objects and drawing the number to represent the correct amount. We are getting very good at completing our maths jobs.

outdoor maths


Harvest Festival

We had a lovely time at Church to celebrate Harvest Festival. We enjoyed singing our song to our mummies and daddies and we loved watching the other children's performances too.

So if you keep hearing...

Cabbages and green, broccoli and beans...


Harvest festival


Handa's Surprise

This week we read a story set in an African village about a little girl called Handa, who takes some fruit as a surprise for her friend Akeyo; unfortunately she passes some cheeky animals on her journey there! We learned about the names of the different African fruits and explored them using our senses of sight, smell, taste and touch. We enjoyed dressing up and activing out the story outside and we also learnt an African song Kye Kye Kule (their version of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes). We found out that we need to eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables every day and played games to sort healthy and unhealthy foods.



In a dark, dark town, On a dark, dark street...

We really enjoyed listening to and joining in with the Funnybones story, as well as learning their song ("The toe bone's connected to the foot bone. The foot bone's connected to the leg bone" etc). We learnt all about the different parts of our body and the things that our bodies can do. We also matched labels and made skeleton pictures out of art straws.




We have been busy saving the world with our fabulous dance moves dressed as our superhero alter egos! Look at us making our own superhero capes. We also had lots of fun role-playing superheroes this week.


The First Week

Rockets and Comets have only just started school and they have already settled in so well! They have been busy playing and learning both inside and outside. Here of some photos of the children learning and playing on their first few days at South Wilford!

The First Week 

Next week…. Superheroes!


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