Road to Rio

Road to Rio!

Here at South Wilford we have been lucky to take part in an exciting programme called The Road to Rio!!!! For this, the school has been assigned their own local athlete and who we are now following all the way to Rio.

Our athlete is paralympian James Crisp.

James has been competing for Great Britain for 18 years. His international debut was aged 14 at the 1997 European Championships and he has never looked back since. Now one of the most experienced Paralympians in the para-swimming world, he has won 6 silver and 3 gold medals.


Olympic fever washed over South Wilford when James visited with his fellow athlete Mark Briggs. The children spent various times throughout the day getting to know our new found friends through Question and Answer session. Some lucky people even got to try on his medals!! WOW!!

We are very excited for his next visit...


Our Golden Rules

Our School’s Golden Rules

We are gentle

 We are kind and helpful 

 We listen 

 We are honest 

 We work hard 

 We look after everything

Sports News

Welcome to our dedicated 'Sports News' page.

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These rules are in addition to our School's Golden Rules which are
• To be gentle
• To be kind and helpful
• To be honest
• To work hard
• To look after everything
• To listen with respect

➢ I will follow all instructions and requests made by the coaches
➢ I will be responsible for my own belongings whilst at the club or the fixture
➢ I will not hurt anyone or their feelings or cover-up the truth
➢ I will be well behaved throughout the club or fixture
➢ If I travel in the minibus I will sit where the driver asks me to with my seatbelt fastened and I will take all of my belongings with me when I leave, including my litter
➢ I will respect and encourage opposition players and their supporters
➢ I will respect the referee's decision, even if I don't agree with it
➢ Whatever the result, I will enjoy the game!

I understand that if I fail to follow the Sporting Charter, I will face sanctions which could include being given a verbal warning, being asked to sit-out or even being asked to miss

School Expansion

As you may already know, our great school is growing. This year and for every year we will have 60 pupils in Reception, a rise of fifteen pupils per year, as we increase from having 300 pupils to 420 on roll by 2021.

To make sure we have enough space for all of the children we will be having three new classrooms built. Many of you have already seen the plans as they have been on display in school. Two of the classrooms will be designed specifically for children in EYFS, with a new outdoor area.

As is so often the case with such projects, we have unfortunately been delayed during the planning stage, but on Thursday 19th May we met with Nottingham City Council, designers, builders and engineers to make the final arrangements for work to begin. The classrooms will be built this Summer and Autumn Terms and we will keep you updated on the progress of this exciting project.

Work will start on the school site on Tuesday 31st May. We will be working incredibly hard with Ashe Construction to make sure that the impact of this project is kept to a minimum. They have a number of site rules and arrangements, including making sure that deliveries are not made at the start and end of the school day.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact one of us in school.


school expansion

Curriculum Statement


Curriculum Plans 2014 and beyond! 

Our curriculum plans have been devised with a creative approach in mind with links made to cross curricular learning where possible.

Learning styles, outdoor learning, children’s interests, our locality, our place as a church school and the “What if” learning approach have been considered when revising our plans fully to meet the requirement of the 2014 National curriculum.

Years EYFS, 1 and 2 are now single form entry so topics will run on a yearly basis.

Years 3/4 and 5/6 are currently vertically grouped and therefore run a 2 yearly rolling programme.

Reading is taught using a specific reading approach using book banded books from a variety of schemes and real books.

Phonics is taught from letters and sounds and is supplemented by the City scheme and phonics play online resources.

Spelling is taken directly from the spelling appendix of the National curriculum 2014.

In key stage 1 Maths is taught using materials from Maths no problem and is supplemented using NCTEM maths and White rose maths. In key stage 2 Maths planning is based on materials from White Rose, using Maths No Problem and NCTEM resources to support learning. See also a copy of our curriculum overview.

In RE we follow the 2015 Agreed syllabus for Nottinghamshire “RE for all”.

In addition, the school has a comprehensive scheme of work for PSHE, sex and relationships education. Both are taught in accordance with guidelines issued by the Nottinghamshire Local Authority and approved by the Governing Body. Sex and Relationships Education is linked to the study of Life Processes and Living Things in science. Parents are informed when specific sex education is being planned and may exercise their right to withdraw their child if they wish. They may also view the materials used in advance. In addition, children’s questions about sex are answered frankly by the teachers with due regard to the child’s age and maturity.



Curriculum Plans

EYFS 2016 Phase Curriculum Overview

Phase Curriculum Overview Year 1

Phase Curriculum Overview Year 2

A Phase Curriculum Overview Year 3 and 4

B Phase Curriculum Overview Year 3 and 4

A Phase Curriculum Overview Year 5 and 6

B Phase Curriculum Overview Year 5 and 6

2016 Curriculum Overview ART

2016 Curriculum Overview COMPUTING school format

2016 Curriculum Overview DESIGN TECHNOLOGY

2016 Curriculum Overiew FRENCH

2016 Curriculum Overiew HUMANITIES

2016 Curriculum Overiew MUSIC

2016 Curriculum Overiew P.E

2016 Curriculum Overiew RE

2016 Curriculum Overiew SCIENCE

Long Term Maths Plans

PRIMARY National Curriculum