Years 1 & 2

Year One - People Who Help Us

This half term we are looking at people who help us. We have had a visit from the West Bridgford Fire Brigade. We talked about fire safety in our homes and what to do if we were in a fire. We also got to look at the fire engine and the equipment they use. It was a very exciting day! Over the next few weeks we will be having a visit from a nurse and a paramedic. They will be telling us about their jobs and how they help people. We will also look at how we can help ourselves and others too. During this time we will be discussing medicine and how it can be helpful and harmful. Please continue to send in any books, pictures and works done at home that will aid in the engagement of this topic.

people who help us



Year One - Maths No Problem

During this term we have introduced the Maths No Problem scheme and have been developing our fluency of number. The children have worked really hard at developing their understanding and have enjoyed all the practical and engaging activities that are part of the scheme.

maths no problem

Roald Dahl Day

Videos of the amazing fun had by Year 2 on Roald Dahl Day!!

Our Olympic Stadium

On Monday afternoon moon class were challenged to build an Olympic stadium during structured play. Penny, Lily, Erin, Ruby and Lilia took up the challenge and built a brilliant Olympic swimming pool! They showed excellent team work and even included lanes and a winners podium! Well done girls!

Olympic stadium


How to tie our shoes

This week we have been looking at writing and following instructions. Today we looked at how to tie our shoes- a very important but tricky activity for our infants! We made and followed instructions on how to make our own practice shoe and then we gave it a go. A few children already knew how and became teachers themselves. Please feel free to practice at home and come and show your teacher next week!

Medieval day

As a finale to our St George and the dragon topic the children enjoyed a fantastic day dressed as knights and princesses! They had all been busy at home creating delicious dishes for our British bake off and medieval banquet - Thank you parents for all your hard work and support! We even had time to make an iMovie in each class! Enjoy!

Our trip to Nottingham Castle

Last week our 3 classes enjoyed a trip to Nottingham Castle. We learnt what the castle was like when it was first built and saw the parts that are still there now. We had a great view from the top of the castle seeing all over Nottingham. Inside we got to try on armour that knights would have worn and found out how heavy it all was! We also looked at pots and bones that could've been found in the grounds and learnt how the castle defended itself from enemies.


Wilford Washday!

We had some good cleaning, washing and tidying going on in Sun, Moon and Star classes last Wednesday. We all cleared and washed cupboards, sorted and organised trays, cleaned, washed and dried maths equipment. We made our play and book areas tidy. If only we could do this more often!!

Wilford Washday


An exciting 2 weeks!


This afternoon we had 10 eggs arrive at our school! They're not eggs for us to cook but hopefully they're going to hatch safely so we have some baby chicks! The eggs are being kept warm and safe in an incubator and we're having to be very quiet and careful around them. Fingers crossed we might see some cracks in the eggs tomorrow, we'll keep you posted so stay tuned!
By Moon class




So far our eggs have been very quiet and we are waiting very patiently for the first signs of 'pipping'. We have even tried singing to them and some children are convinced they have seen them wobble!

Today in Sun class we learned about what happens inside the egg and also tried to paint some of the stages of development. Fingers crossed for more action tomorrow.



WOW what an exciting start to our day! Mr Coates and Mandy watched the first 4 eggs hatch before school. We were so excited to see them! They were cheeping away but struggling to stay awake after the hard task of breaking out of their shell. They were still wet and needed time in the incubator to dry off before moving to the 'brooding box'. Throughout the day another 3 chicks were born so that makes 7 in total...for now!

wednesday chicks


Today the 7 chicks were looking fluffy and cheeping loudly. We moved 5 from the incubator to the brooder box. They all like snuggling up together to keep warm. We have fed them and given them water to drink. So far the three other eggs have not hatched although we did think one might have moved. We will have to wait a bit longer and see if anything happens.



Today the chicks are getting bigger and stronger as they begin to eat and drink more and constantly 'chatter' to us during the day! Their wings and feathers are beginning to develop too. The chicks all seem healthy and happy and have gone to stay with Mrs Williams over the weekend. We look forward to seeing how much they have changed again after the weekend!



Making Bread!

We are looking at some traditional tales this half term and have recently enjoyed The Little Red Hen. We have used it to develop our use of expression when reading speech, the use of speech bubbles and inverted commas and many other areas in English but we just couldn't let the opportunity go by without making some of our own bread!

We looked at instructions on how to make it and followed them carefully. After washing our hands we made our bread dough using flour, salt, yeast, oil and warm water. We learned how to knead and realised it was quite hard work! Once the dough had risen we had lots of fun shaping it before it was time to bake. We had some very creative ideas!

Making bread


Our dinosaur topic this half term has been great fun for everyone. We've been really busy learning about and including dinosaurs in most subjects. have a look at what we've been up to...

A dinosaur on the loose!

In English we watched a shocking news report that there was a dinosaur on the loose in Wilford! We prepared and presented our own news reports, interviewing eye witnesses and finding out all the extraordinary details!

A dinosaur on the loose

Dinosaur hunt!

We used our geography skills to follow a map and hunt down some delicious dinosaur (chocolate) eggs! The children worked out which direction to travel using compass points and worked successfully as a team.

Dinosaur hunt

Clay dinosaurs!

 Clay dinosaurs


Fire Service

We have been very lucky in Year 1/2 to have more visitors this half term! This week firemen from the West Bridgford fire station came in! They talked to us about how important it is to have smoke alarms in our house, what to do if there is a fire in our homes and showed us their uniform by dressing up some of the teachers! We also got to see their fire engine! They showed us all the different equipment they have and we even got to pretend to use the hose and sit inside!



We had a great start to our 'Emergency Emergency' topic this week with a visit from Mr Bass who is a paramedic. The children loved listening to how he does his job, what he has to do, all the medicines and equipment he carries with him and the uniform he has to wear. They asked some good questions that they had written the day before and were keen to find out the answers. Mr Bass showed us how to stop a nose bleed on the lovely model Mrs Williams and Jake had his head bandaged like a patient would if they fell off their bike!


Clare the nurse

We've had another exciting start to our week in the form of visit Clare who is a nurse in A&E at the QMC! She told us all about her job and brought lots of equipment to show us! We got to try on nurse's uniform, have arms bandaged and saw lots of things she uses everyday from stethoscopes to face masks and blood pressure monitors! We're going to be thinking and writing about nurses in English this week but going back in time to see how things were different when Florence Nightingale was a nurse.

clare the nurse


End of half term Friday Fun!

'These are our new target biscuits that we made on Friday!' - Henry
'We made them with biscuits, icing, a piece of yellow paper and cocktail sticks.' - Abigail
'Can you see the our arrows in the biscuits?' - Penny
'Can you see all the different colours?' - Ruby
'Our biscuits are to go with our bow and arrows!' - Myleene

 Friday Fun


Bow and Arrows!

We have had an amazing half term learning about Robin Hood and have ended on a high with our DT project designing and making bow and arrows! The children loved sawing and decorating their bows (and all fingers are still intact!) Best of all we enjoyed testing them and seeing how far the arrows could go! Keep practising at home and remember Robin Hood had to do lots of practising to become a skilled archer!

bows arrows


Sherwood Forest Trip

Our topic on Robin Hood started off with a great trip to Sherwood Forest! We all had a great day and the children were very well behaved.  We met Robert who told us lots about life in Robin's day and walked us through the forest to the Major Oak! We learnt that many oak trees are hollow inside and got to try squeezing lots of us into an old oak tree like the Major Oak! We also had some sensory fun in the forest playing blindfold games and going on a scavenger hunt!

Sherwood Forest trip