Years 3 & 4

Welcome to Years 3 & 4!

This year has started with a BOOM in year 3 and 4. We have been so busy we are only just getting the chance to tell you what we have been up to!!

This half term in Venus, Mars and Mercury we have gone back in time to Ancient Egypt! We have learnt about pyramids, Tutankhamun, mummies and much, much more. We even had our very own Egyptian Day where we made Scarab beetles, sarcophaguses and Egyptian bread!!!


We have been exploring the school grounds looking for habitats for Science. In Maths we have been doing place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and subtraction. In Venus they also have been doing some measurement work.

Mercury finally got to have their turn on the farm and they even bought James the Guinea Pig into the classroom for a lesson!!!!!

In RE we have learnt about the life of Moses and thought about Jesus as the light of the world at Christmas.


This half term our topic has been Deserts! We were even lucky enough to have some scaly and furry visitors come and see us.



In English we have made our own characters, squashed them and then produced a story about them. We wrote a letter to another school in Qatar and also created our own explanation texts about desert animals. We have also been racing across the desert with our home reading. Thank you for all your support.



In Maths we have been doing Place Value and learning how to reason and problem solve.



Science has been full of bones: human bones, mammal bones, funny bones. We have learnt about inside bones (endoskeletons) and outside bones (exoskeletons).



Venus and Mars have looked after the farm this half term. They had to feed, clean and care for the animals for a week each.



Final Half Term!!!!

It has been sooooo busy in Years 3 and 4, we have only just had time to tell you about all the exciting things we have been doing.

It all began with a trip on boat and a walk around Attenborough Nature Reserve. It was a great trip and we got to see what we had been learning about in our River Topic in real life.

 Canal Trip


We have been doing some English work based around the book Huckleberry Finn and we got to write our own adventure story. In Science we have been learning about teeth.

The Year 4s went on a residential to Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire. They spent two days doing lots of exciting activities which included canoeing, archery and nightline. They also got to spend the night in a tent.



Stone Age
Summer Term in Year 3 and 4 is shaping up to be an exciting one!! We are learning about the Stone Age for our topic which so far has included finding out about the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods, what type of homes the people lived in and also famous Stone Age monuments.

In English we have been writing scripts based around the Flintstones and linking our work to the story book Stone Age Boy. Science this term is all about rocks. We have been doing investigations around school grounds looking for rocks and other rock like materials.


Last term in Year 3 and 4 we were busy learning about the Vikings, Plants and much more. We developed our listening, speaking, acting and teamwork skills through practising for our production of Daniel, which was a huge success!!!



Getting creative for DT Day!


In Year 3 and 4 we have been having fun designing, creating and testing out junk model's to see if they could withstand an earthquake. There was lots of gluing, sticking and cutting to make these marvellous models. Check out the pictures.




We put all our work together to make an earthquake proof city.




Mars class were set an EXTRA challenge by Mr Good to build a 3 story building using just art straws, cardboard and masking tape. They looked at how buildings were designed and the types of shape used to make them stronger. They then tested them to see if they could withstand an earthquake!



Natural DIsasters
This half term we have been busy in Year 3 and 4 learning about Natural Disasters. We have been writing newspaper reports about the flooding in the UK and stories based around tornadoes. As well as doing dome hurricane chalk art.

Natural Disasters

In Venus class we have been making our own instruments and creating junk music. Here are a few of the final performances.



World Climate Day
The end of last term in Year 3 and 4 took part in a World Climate Day. We learnt about three different world climates – Tropical, Desert and Polar. It was great fun!!! We created our own northern lights artwork, made tree frogs and cactus people.



History Walk
This half term we have already been really busy. We have been on a history walk around Wilford where we explored local sites such as the Toll Bridge, Iremongers Pond and St. Wilfrid's Church. We are really enjoying learning about our local area and we are finding out lots of new things.



We have been really busy in Year 3 and 4 this term! We have been learning about different continents and much more in our topic Around the World in 80 Days and have been making some wonderful hot air balloons.

For our Harvest Festival we wrote class poems about what Harvest means to us. We have had Miss R teaching us Gymnastics and Acrobatics which has been great fun.

The Year 3's have been to Emmanuel for a Sports Festival where we got to do lots of games with the Year 8 Sports Leaders.

Mr Pavli has been teaching music across the classes, which has included learning different rhythms and introducing music from around the world.

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