Years 5 & 6

Welcome to Years 5 and 6

We have three year five and six classes. Jupiter class contains the younger members of year five, Saturn has the older year fives and younger year sixes and Neptune has the older year sixes.

Jupiter class is taught by Mrs Hatfield and Mrs Bates, Saturn is taught by Mrs Aldridge and Neptune is taught by Mrs Edmonds.

Mrs Poplawski is our teaching assistant across the three classes.

Here are some of the things that we have been up to!

The Tin Forest

In Year 6 we have taken an in depth look at The Tin Forest and created our own storys in the same style of it; I hope you like them.

tin forest


Survival Shelters!

We designed and built survival shelters out of limited resources to be able to stand against the elements.


Surviving in the wilderness!

In year 5/6 we have been learning how to light a camp fire. This is year 5/6 around the campfire learning how to survive in the wilderness. We will be writing instructions for our survival guide.



Remembrance Sunday

Year 6 have been thinking about Remembrance Sunday and producing some beautiful, poignant artwork to accompany Rupert Brooke's poem, The Soldier. 

poem illus 1

poem illus 2

Year 5 and 6 took part in a special Remembrance Day assembly, we showed off art work and read war poetry before sharing 2 minutes silence. 

2 min silence


pglWhat an amazing time we had; climbing, abseiling, dangling, jumping, eating, shooting, camping, sleeping, running, crawling, orienteering, laughing and everything in between.


Sports Hall Challenge Finals 2015

sportshallWhat a privilege to train – up and take the 22 year 5 and 6 youngsters to Trent University Sports Centre on 3rd December! We had spent 2 weeks of morning playtimes practising and building up our stamina: baton changing; sprint starts; improving our running style and much more. They went eager to do their best and gave every ounce of energy they could!

As a team they worked well together, encouraging, cheering and supporting each other. Mrs Pick came with us as did Mrs Skervin – our own world-class sprinter, who had also been to help train the children during our PE sessions. The adults went home hoarse (and with raised blood pressure!)

As individuals, they gave everything:
Zain: constant, pounding running
Cole: power javelin pushing
Zach: ran like an incredible mosquito, particularly in the 6 lap Parlauf
Rowan: recognised as a potential powerful, skilled, all-round athlete
Alex: glided over the tall hurdles effortlessly
Ashton: ran like fire in the relays
Alfie: the speed bounce king!
Finley: a powerful, purposeful sprinter
Charlie: I've never seen any child with as much determination and speed as his!
Ben: stylish runner with powerful arm-push
Luke: Incredibly light and effective sprinting and jumping
Elliott: tough, focussed distance runner
Josh: literally slid through the obstacles
Chloe: a complete all-rounder athlete – amazing skills
Olivia: watch out Olympics – a national in the making
Abigail: the lightest, speediest, relentless sprinter
Scarlett: great runner but powerful thrower
Megan: great jumper
Ruby: a solid, powerful runner and thrower
Poppy: flew down the track
Madison: 'Grease lightning!'
Paige: an elegant, agile athlete

What an incredible team! Although we were competing against the six best schools in the whole of Nottingham, we were stupendous! We gained 178 points – if we'd managed another six points we would have got Bronze medals, but I have to say I don't think any of the children could have run, thrown or jumped more than they did!!!


Thank you to Mrs Pick and Mrs Skervin AND thank you to our children who were polite and encouraging to all of the other teams as well!

Mrs Edmonds!

Hand Bell Ringers

Make sure you listen to our hand bell ringers this Christmas!


Ancient Greece

As part of our topic on Ancient Greece years 5 and 6 have been making Greek pots out of clay.



In year 5 and 6 we have been studying aspects of space. Here are some of the Hubble telescopes that we have made.


A lot of year 5 and 6 play instruments. Here are some videos from our recent concert.

We have also been learning about writing diary entries particularly thinking about using writing a diary to help express our feelings. This one tells you about the music concert from an insider's point of view!

Dear Diary,

Today was so nerve racking. In the morning it was the music assembly. In played in the concert 2 times. I played the clarinet with Maisie and Jenika. I also played the guitar with Mrs. Edmonds and the whole blue guitar group.

First Amelia with her viola played then Harry was supposed to play his violin but the disc didn't work so in the
mean time Rowan with his violin played. Then Harrys disc didn't work again so Mrs. Smiths recorder group played and then finally Harrys disc worked. The tune he played was really nice and peaceful. The piece he played was called 'Boat To Ivory'(I'm not sure if that's the real title.) Next some boys played their trumpets. I started getting butterfly's because I knew we were going to go next. Our names got called...

We came up to the stage and I felt really nervous at first but when I started playing those feelings left and settled into it. We played a piece called 'Synko Rock 2'.(I'm not sure that's how you spell it.)After we had finished the blue guitar group played a song called 'I Can Show You The World' from the movie 'Aladdin'. It's quite a hard song to play but I got there in the end. I noticed when we were playing some people were singing along. It was a really nice feeling. Then after we had finished Amelia, Alex, Joe and Mack did a special performance of 'Bills'. It was really good. Lots of people were clapping and singing along. Some people were videoing it.

Afterwards the performers had juice and biscuits and the adults had either tea, coffee or juice with biscuits. Today I had mixed emotions. I felt nervous but mostly ecstatic. I wish I could relive it all again.

By Diamanté


Balloon Debate Diary Entry

Oliver and Mackenzie also wrote a diary entry about our balloon debate.

Dear Diary,

I have good and bad news to talk about. The bad news is that it was the first day back at school (after the half term holidays: The bad news is over now so we can get started on the good news. This meant that it was the Great Balloon Debate Final! I was really nervous. I was pretending to be a person who had a cure for cancer (AKA Dr Meadows) and I had been researching and practicing during the holiday, but I was worried that I hadn't practised enough. Although it looked like some people hadn't practiced at all, I was still nervous, but the Teachers were really encouraging.


We had prepared our cases and taken part in the first rounds during our literacy lessons. There were six children taking part in the final. Now it was time. The actual speaking and explaining to the audience why they shouldn't throw us off the hot-air balloon, wasn't too bad, but then we went out of the classroom and waited for the class to judge who the winners were.

After what seemed like ages we were finally allowed back in the classroom. We were extremely nervous (even more nervous than before.) Then it was the results in reverse order. Gradually people were knocked out of the game and the number people on it decreased until it was just us left. We wondered who would be the final victor. Then something amazing happened ...We were informed that we had tied first. We were so amazed so happy although so exhausted.


I was so excited. I could not wait to tell my Mum and Dad. I knew they would be impressed.

It was one of the best days of my life!

By Oliver Meadows and Mackenzie Armstrong


Operation Christmas Child

We have as a school been involved in operation Christmas Child. This has involved the whole school making up shoe boxes which will be sent to children who would otherwise not receive Christmas presents. Here are some photos of the day the boxes were picked up to go to the depot.






School Farm

Is now open!

The school farm was opened on the first day of the summer term and the children are already gaining a lot from visiting the residents, cleaning, organising and petting the animals. It has been amazing to see how the children respond to this unique learning experience.

The chickens have become very friendly and love to be stroked. The rabbits are a huge hit, especially the mischievous white rabbit. The Guinea pigs, although shy are loving being cuddled by the children.

Each class will have responsibility for the farm for one week a term, cleaning, feeding, tidying and generally caring for the animals.

A farm club will be running this term and there will be lots of opportunities to spend time on the farm.

Parents are already keen to offer help and many have spoken about their delight at having such a resource for the children to experience.

More news from the farm will follow and lots more photos.