Let’s Get Cooking

If programmes like Masterchef and The Great British Bake off are amongst your T.V. favourites, then you’ll love what goes on at our weekly ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ Club!

Let’s Get Cooking is a national scheme which aims to teach children from a young age, the joy of food, both cooking and of course, eating!

At South Wilford School, our club is led by Mrs Potter, our very own self-confessed ‘foodie’. It runs every Tuesday afternoon between 3.30pm and 5pm and is aimed at our Year 2 children. During each school year, all of the boys and girls in Year 2 will have had the opportunity to join her for fun in the kitchen! In support of the phrase ‘many hands make light work’, Mrs Potter is supported by a small group of Year 6 children who she has trained to help their younger friends. This Young Leaders initiative has been really successful, not only for the partnership working but also to help with the mountain of washing up which the children have amassed at the end of their sessions!

In addition to basic food hygiene, the children are taught most of the key culinary skills including chopping, slicing, dicing, kneading and mixing!

‘Healthy eating’ is the key to all of the Let’s Get Cooking recipes, which are many and varied. Savoury recipes have included ‘stuffed potato skins’ and ‘Tikka turkey balls’ and sweet offerings have included ‘Christmas cup cakes’ and ‘fruit scones’. Whether it’s a sweet or savoury recipe, it is fair to say that the smells that creep from the kitchen into the other parts of the school building are totally mouth-watering!

Below is a selection of photographs of our young cooks in action…