Our Ethos and Values

An Introduction to South Wilford

The school at Wilford was establish by the local Parish Priest, Benjamin Carter, back in 1736. He wanted to help children in his parish by making sure they had the chance to be educated. Our catchment area covers the parish as it was at the time, so it includes all of Wilford, but it also stretches from Silverdale to The Meadows, and across into Nottinghamshire, to include Compton Acres.

Over time the standards of attainment at the school have been high, but we also try to offer a breadth to the education on offer to the children. The school remains very popular and we are looking at how we can grow to support the increasing number of children in the local area. As a school founded on the basis of faith, helping children develop spiritually is also important to us. Whilst we are a Church of England school, children and staff come from a variety of backgrounds, in terms of faith, culture and ethnicity. We strive to inclusive in every part of our work.

We endeavour to build a school in which everyone cares for each other and helps each other to learn. We have Buddies and SWIFTS who help younger children learn how to enjoy their time outside and make good choices when they play. Older children are also thinking more about behavior for learning, and how the choices they make in learning time can help them learn even more!

Our Mission Statement

Discovering Together, Fullness of Life

Confident in Christ, Captivated by Learning, Committed to Excellence

Over the last two years lots of hard work has gone in to developing the school’s Mission Statement. Governors, staff, pupils and parents have all had their views taken into account, and this has helped us all to understand our core purpose. The conversations have really got us thinking, as there was so much we wanted to say, but so little time to say it in.

In our classes and in our Collective Worship we sometimes think about what it means and how we can relate it to our everyday life. We try, in everything we do, to show the three C’s of confidence, captivation and commitment, so that we can help each other learn more and make the most of the opportunities we are given.