Our Ethos and Values

An Introduction to South Wilford

The school at Wilford was establish by the local Parish Priest, Benjamin Carter, back in 1736. He wanted to help children in his parish by making sure they had the chance to be educated. Our catchment area covers the parish as it was at the time, so it includes all of Wilford, but it also stretches from Silverdale to The Meadows, and across into Nottinghamshire, to include Compton Acres.

Over time the standards of attainment at the school have been high, but we also try to offer a breadth to the education on offer to the children. The school remains very popular and we are looking at how we can grow to support the increasing number of children in the local area. As a school founded on the basis of faith, helping children develop spiritually is also important to us. Whilst we are a Church of England school, children and staff come from a variety of backgrounds, in terms of faith, culture and ethnicity. We strive to inclusive in every part of our work.

We endeavour to build a school in which everyone cares for each other and helps each other to learn. We have Buddies and SWIFTS who help younger children learn how to enjoy their time outside and make good choices when they play. Older children are also thinking more about behavior for learning, and how the choices they make in learning time can help them learn even more!

 Some of our thoughts and reflections from our Prayer Space Day

Some of our thoughts and reflections from our Prayer Space Day

 Celebrating Christmas with the wider Wilford community

Celebrating Christmas with the wider Wilford community

 Celebrating Easter at St Wilfird′s Parish Church

Celebrating Easter at St Wilfird′s Parish Church

Our Mission Statement

Discovering Together,   Fullness of Life

Confident in Christ,   Captivated by Learning,   Committed to Excellence

Governors and staff created our Mission Statement with help from pupils and parents. Now, in our classes and in collective worship, we think about what it means and how we can relate it to our everyday life.

We try, in everything we do, to encourage children to demonstrate the three C’s of confidence, captivation and commitment, so that we can help each other learn more and make the most of the opportunities we are given. We want all of our school community to be working with us towards our mission in the thoughts that we have, words that we say and things that we do.

Discovering Together

This statement is one of very clear intent. Here at South Wilford we want to learn and grow alongside each other academically, socially, morally, spiritually and culturally. We want to develop a sense of awe in the world around us and share this with others. We want to explore nature and the creations of humankind.

Fullness of Life

We are encouraged to grow in a way which enables us to play a full part in our society. Fullness of life can also indicate that we should celebrate all aspects of life and growth, gifts and talents. It is not just the created world that we should take joy from, but also the special talents with which each one of us has been blessed.

Confident in Christ

Within our school we seek to develop a strong Christian ethos. Many of us in school are willing to show that we have confidence in Christ and in this way we hope that others, including adults and children, will feel able to reflect on and share their own faith.

However, the notion of having confidence in your faith is the critical one, regardless of what that faith may be. By having the confidence to talk about their beliefs we are sure that all children can feel more confident in having a faith and allowing it to guide their choices in life. Just as many of us have made our choices in life, we hope that all members of the school community, young and old, will come to a faith that makes a positive difference to themselves, their families, the community and to the wider world.

Captivated by Learning

We want children to develop a thirst and hunger for learning that is far more than just learning the basic skills of literacy and numeracy. We know that this desire will only come if we provide a curriculum that challenges pupils, whilst at the same time fires their imagination. We seek to enrich the children’s learning through visits and visitors, as well as through the provision of an inspiring curriculum.

Captivation in learning will always be a focus, as each individual has their own range of interests and what engages one child, may not provide the same level of motivation for all. We will continue to develop our curriculum to try and meet the interests of as many as possible, as often as possible.

Committed to Excellence

For all children our goal is that they will fulfil their potential in any and every aspect of their school life, whether it be curricular or extra-curricular. We want the children to excel in all the challenges and opportunities that they face and we want to excel in the support that we give them. We want the opportunities that children are provided with to be the best possible opportunities, too.

Being committed to excellence also impacts on our relationship with others. We want the ways in which we interact with others to instil confidence and trust. This is true of our relationships within school, with the wider school community and to all the partnerships with which we engage.

Putting Values at the Heart of our School

We have thought long and hard about which of the very many Christian Values are important to us. It was really tough to narrow it down, but we settled on six in the end.

We focus on these in our Collective Worship and how these values have relevance within our everyday life.

Respect                         —Fellowship

——Encouragement                               —Forgiveness

—Joy —                                Love

When you visit the school you will see our values on display in one form or another in every part of the school. We work hard to make sure that you see them in action, too!