Partnership in Faith

South Wilford began on a journey of partnership in 2013, when it was linked with Sneinton St Stephens Primary School and Bulwell St Marys Primary School under the Executive Headship of Mrs Rebecca Meredith. An important aspect of our partnership is that at the time of its creation we were the only three Church of England primary schools within the city of Nottingham. Whilst we serve very different areas of the city we have a shared goal which is very clear—to ensure children have the best learning opportunities that we can give them. As church schools we work alongside the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham as well as Nottingham City Council.

The partnership has gone from strength to strength, with shared staff activities to support continuing professional development and school improvement across all three schools. There are also times when children join together for shared activities. You will have already read about the Children’s Executive, which has proven to be a fantastic way of gaining the children’s perspective on what works well and needs to be replicated.

Through the partnership South Wilford has become an active member of the Transform Teaching School Alliance. This provides further opportunities for staff development as Transform is building a range of programmes to help teachers, support staff and school leaders to be the best that they can be. Through our partnership of schools we have become involved in research projects with the University of Nottingham and we have received visiting Head Teachers from Brazil and from the Guangdong province of China.

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