School Farm

Is now open!

The school farm was opened on the first day of the summer term and the children are already gaining a lot from visiting the residents, cleaning, organising and petting the animals. It has been amazing to see how the children respond to this unique learning experience.

The chickens have become very friendly and love to be stroked. The rabbits are a huge hit, especially the mischievous white rabbit. The Guinea pigs, although shy are loving being cuddled by the children.

Each class will have responsibility for the farm for one week a term, cleaning, feeding, tidying and generally caring for the animals.

A farm club will be running this term and there will be lots of opportunities to spend time on the farm.

Parents are already keen to offer help and many have spoken about their delight at having such a resource for the children to experience.

More news from the farm will follow and lots more photos.