Science Day 2016

Spectacular Science Day 2016

On Friday 8th July we had a whole school Science day! The day started with a WOW factor in the form of a visit from ‘Chemical Charlie’ from MadScience. The whole school enjoyed his Olympic themed show and saw a lot of science in action!

The day continued in our classes where everyone stuck with the theme of the Olympics and did a variety of different science investigations. Rocket and Comets class were investigating ‘Can the tallest children throw the furthest?’ Sun, Moon and Stars investigated ‘Does the longest javelin go the furthest?’ and Venus class found out ‘Does having the longest legs mean you can jump the furthest?’

Lots of interesting results were found throughout the day and we all had great fun!

Have a look at all the photos and videos of our day. Thanks to Miss Albans-Marriott for the iMovie!

Thank you to MadScience for their input in the day. Please take a look at their website