Sports News

Welcome to our dedicated ‘Sports News’ page.

Sporting Charter

These rules are in addition to our School’s Golden Rules which are;

  • To be gentle
  • To be kind and helpful
  • To be honest
  • To work hard
  • To look after everything
  • To listen with respect
  • I will follow all instructions and requests made by the coaches
  • I will be responsible for my own belongings whilst at the club or the fixture
  • I will not hurt anyone or their feelings or cover-up the truth
  • I will be well behaved throughout the club or fixture
  • If I travel in the minibus I will sit where the driver asks me to with my seatbelt fastened and I will take all of my belongings with me when I leave, including my litter
  • I will respect and encourage opposition players and their supporters
  • I will respect the referee’s decision, even if I don’t agree with it
  • Whatever the result, I will enjoy the game!

I understand that if I fail to follow the Sporting Charter, I will face sanctions which could include being given a verbal warning, being asked to sit-out or even being asked to miss a game or training session.