Staff at our school and their roles

LeadershipMrs Lee (Email)Executive Headteacher
Mr Vincent Hampton (Email)Head of School
Mrs Natalie Aldridge (Email)Deputy Head of School /Inclusion Lead / Y6 Class Teacher (job-share) Neptune
Key Stage 2Mr Simon Good (Email)Leader for Teaching & Learning & Assessment / Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 Phase Leader / Y6 Class Teacher (job-share) Neptune
Mr Henry Godkin (Email)Class Teacher Y6 Pluto
Mrs Judith Hedley (Email)Class Teacher (Job-share) Y5 Jupiter
Mrs Nicky Hatfield (Email)Class Teacher (Job-share) Y5 Jupiter
Miss Emma Bradley (Email)Class Teacher Y5 Saturn
Mrs Jill Edmonds (Email)Class Teacher Y4 Mars
Mrs Nicola Beattie (Email)Class Teacher Y4 Earth
Mrs Emily Udeh (Email)Class Teacher Y3 Mercury
Mrs Kelly Newton (Email)Venus Class Teacher
Mrs Maggie Bates (Email)PPA Cover Teacher (2 days p/w)
Key Stage 1Mrs Barbara Rodel (Email)Leader for Curriculum, Year 1 & 2 EYFS, Y2 Class Teacher Stars
Mr Jeremy Putman (Email)Class teacher Y2 Galaxy
Mrs Natasha Williams (Email)Class teacher (job-share) Y1 Sun
Mrs Claire Greaves (Email)Class teacher (job-share) Y1 Sun
Mr Emilios Pavli (Email)Class teacher Y1 Moon
Mrs Lizzie Smith (Email)KS1 PPA Teacher / RE Lead
Miss Emily Albans-Marriott (Email)Class Teacher Comets
Cat Lazenby (Email)Class Teacher Rockets (M-Th)
Miss Tam Peach (Email)Class teacher EYFS Rockets
Mrs Becky Durner (Email)
EYFS PPA Teacher
Teaching Assistants Mrs Shelley PoplawskiKey Stage 2 Phase Teaching Assistant
Mrs Marina HollisKey Stage 2 Intervention teaching Assistant
Mrs Jo GarsideKey Stage 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Deana BullSEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs Shelley FarmerTeaching Assistant – Nurture
Mrs Naveeta Sharma1:1 Teaching Assistant
Ms Helen Buckell1:1 Teaching Assistant
Miss Aimee JacobsEYFS Teaching Assistant Comets Class
Mrs Polly BirkbeckEYFS Teaching Assistant Rockets Class
Mrs Julie WoodTeaching Assistant Sun Class
Mrs Lynn PotterTeaching Assistant Moon Class
Care Assistants Mrs Sally GreenhalghCare Assistant (Whole School)
Office / Admin Mrs Sally ReadSchool Business Manager
Mrs Heather StannardAdmin Assistant
Site Manager Mr Kevin CoatesSite Manager (Whole School)
Mid-day Supervisory Team Mrs Dee BonnerSenior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Theresa DuffyAssistant
Mrs Chris ShipleyAssistant
Mrs Chris SelbyAssistant
Mrs Tammy PearsonAssistant
Mrs Giare SkervinAssistant
Mrs Sharon CliftonAssistant
Miss Helen BuckellAssistant
Mrs Cheryl HarrisonAssistant
Mrs Nikki BrownAssistant
Mrs Naveeta SharmaAssistant
Mrs Laura StrettonAssistant
Mrs Rachel BurrellAssistant
Kitchen Staff Mrs Janet SlepkoSchool Cook
Mrs Alison BrindleyAssistant
Mrs Sharon KingslandAssistant