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‘Looking to the Rainbow’ by Becky Drake, performed by the children of keyworkers at South Wilford CE Primary.

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A special prayer for South Wilford

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for our school.
Thank you for all of our children at South Wilford,
Thank you for our cleaners, kitchen staff, lunchtime supervisors, office staff, TAs and teachers.
Please keep them, and their families, safe, so that we can all get back together soon.

Amazing Things Jesus Said…

Dear Parents, Carers and Friends

One of the most important parts of South Wilford life are the times we spend thinking about the bigger picture of life and how God has a plan for us and is always there when we need him, especially when we are living with fears, doubts and anxieties. We want the children to be reassured of this, particularly during this strange time, so this is an assembly doing that. It is just 8 minutes long and will hopefully bring that reminder and reassurance.

Why not watch it with your children? It will be a quieter 8 minutes really well spent!

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‘Love your enemies’



‘The Son of Man came to serve’



‘Your sins are forgiven’

 Password: Mark2:5

Password: Mark2:5

‘Quiet be still’

 Password: Mark4:39

Password: Mark4:39