Year 1 Sport Relief Challenge

For children that want somewhere to read at break time, the relaxing reading garden is the perfect spot.

Hunting for 2D and 3D shapes in our learning environment.

Year 1. Our meet a creature seesion was fabulous! We all had a very exciting time and met lots of new and interesting animals.

Jack and the Beanstalk EYFS find out about growing plants.

Year 1 are looking at different animal classifications. Whilst investigating mammals, we created hedghogs in their protective balls from clay and natural materials

Look at all the weird and wonderful places we have been reading over half term!

Year 4 are learning about Rivers and flooding. Here we are investigating how you build effective flood defences.

Year 2 have adopted a polar bear through WWF. We can’t wait to see how we have helped these fascinating creatures!

Year 1 Dinosaur museum. After some wonderful cross-curricular learning, the children created a dinosaur museum to showcase their talents and expertise. Everyone was vey proud!

Year 1 dinosaur discovery fun in Class Jeffers

Year 1 attendance celebration. We loved sharing the fire pit outside with our friends

We are learning about dinosaurs in Year 1. We had a special delivery of coprolite in school and had fun dissecting it to discover if the dinosaur that made it was a herbivore, carnivore or an omnivore

Jeffers class. Creating dinosaur traps in forest school

Jeffers class, painting and baking in preparation for our dinosaur museum

Fun in the snow

Storm Ciara hasn’t stopped our fun on the farm!

Lewis class getting stuck into research. We have found facts about a range of faiths, beliefs and traditions and really enjoyed exploring diversity!

Lewis class are getting stuck into their ‘Whatever the Weather topic’. We have used our scientific and geographical knowledge to forecast this weekend’s weather

EYFS find out about different clothes worn around the world

The Shoemaker’s Elves visit EYFS

Year 2 remembering the importance of Moses by making ‘Stars of David’

Lewis class enjoying purple mash in the computer room

Celebrating our awesome attendance in the autumn term!

Wow! Thank you to all South Wilford children, parents and staff for their clothing donations for Sharewear Nottingham! You are so generous!

Year 1 forest school fun. We built a home for our elves and worked in teams

Year 2 had a fantastic time learning all about fire safety and we even got to use the hosepipe

Year 1 have been meeting all sorts of local heros who can help us in our community

Thank you to our visitor Osteopath Richard (and Frank the skeleton) We loved learning about how our skeletons work!

Lest we forget

Great team work in year two researching the Great Fire of London

Year 2 Cauliflower card designs in progress

Key stage 1 enjoying their Harvest Service

Lewis Class Enjoying Forest School

World Mental Health Day

As part of World Mental Health Day Dahl Class looked at different emotions and what could make us feel happy, sad and worried etc.

The children love reading in the amazing Key Stage 1 library

Fragile Earth by Year 4

Excellent reasoning and problem solving in year 2

Year 2

Year 2 are very excited to be responsible for gardening this year. We have started our spark project by thinking of ideas and weeding the flower beds. Great team work.

Learning What it Means to Upcycle

Forest School Adventures

Building the Three Little Pigs an Eco Friendly House

Healthy Heroes and Handa’s Surprise

Pirates Ahoy!

We found a message in a bottle from a pirate who had been shipwrecked on an island, then we made our own treasure maps and programmed Beebot around the island. We learnt pirate songs and made up our own verses, and enjoyed walking the plank outside. We investigated floating and sinking ships in the water tray and exploring which items of the pirates treasure were magnetic. In Maths we added and subtracted with coins from a treasure chest and in Literacy we wrote lists of pirate jobs and stories.