What is the Parent Teacher Association (PTA)?

The PTA is a group of parents and teachers who volunteer their time to devise and organise fund-raising events for the school. These events provide a great opportunity for parents and children to socialise out of school hours and have fun. The money raised through these activities directly benefits all the children at the school, and goes directly towards extra-curricular activities, outings and additional items needed by the school.

Introducing the PTA Committee

Louise Cartwright – Chairperson
John Ballard – Secretary
Tricia McKeever – Treasurer

Committee members:-
Sue Davis, Sarah Hill, Lorena Moloney, James Kirby, Zoe Quinton-Gray, Cath Stephenson, Charlotte Beckworth, Barbara Rodel (Teacher rep), Vincent Hampton (Head)

What we do

Last year we raised just over £3,000, and that added to the pot of money already raised in previous years, enabled us to fund:

  • £4,000 towards the trim trail
  • D.A.R.E (Drugs Abuse Resistance Education). An annual educational programme delivered to each child in year 6
  • New microphones
  • Cameras for each class
  • £50 for each class at the end of the year 2014 – each being able to decide what to spend it on
  • The ‘Egg to chicks’ project in Key Stage One
  • Children in Need school disco

What we are fundraising for in 2015

This year the main focus of our fundraising is for an outdoor classroom. This will provide a sheltered quiet area for the children to enjoy during playtimes, as well as being an additional area for classes to go for lessons, when a change of environment will support learning. It can also be a great way to end the day for a class to have story time outside. It will be for children of all year groups, so everyone will get the chance to benefit from this wonderful addition to our school.

An further bonus is that it will also provide a shelter for children and parents before and after school should the weather be too wet or, dare I suggest it, too sunny! There are many different styles and designs to choose from but the total cost will be in excess of £6,000. Whilst we will be exploring other possibilities for funding to support this, we hope you will all be able to play your part and support us as we try to make our school even better.

How can you help?

The PTA only exists through volunteers, so if you can spare any time at all, even if it is just for an hour, it will be much appreciated.
Please consider:

  • Joining the PTA committee, the next meeting is 24/02/15 at the Wilford Green at 8pm so come along and see what we do
  • Becoming a helper. We have a list of helpers who volunteer to help out at events, setting up, decorating, helping serve refreshments etc
  • Letting us know your ideas for fundraising or your children’s ideas
  • Your skills – do you have any skills, face painting, arts and craft, that you can bring to an event that the children would enjoy doing?

Where can I find more PTA information?

  • The notice board just outside the main entrance to school
  • The School website Find the PTA page is via the ‘Our school family’ link
  • We also have a South Wilford School Parent Teacher Association page on Facebook that you can join.