School Dinners

Our requirement regarding school dinners is that your child commits to staying for a whole week and doesn’t select a school meal one day and bring a packed lunch from home the next. This is essentially because we have a very small team that caters for the whole school and they need some certainty around numbers. Children are very welcome to stay for school dinners one week and bring a packed lunch the next and so on.

Payment for school meals

We operate a cashless payment system for school meals which means that each child has their own unique registration details which you will need to obtain from the school office.  Registration is all completed on-line, for details please visit

It is very important that you pre-pay and continue to keep your child’s account topped-up!  The system offers you the flexibility to prepay for just one week, a lump sum, a half-term or a full term.  If your child is absent from school, prepaid balances are simply carried over (this includes from one term to the next) so you will never pay unnecessarily.

We do not allow any overdrawn school meal accounts and reserve the right to request that your child brings a packed lunch from home in the event that we encounter on-going problems around payment.

Choosing from the menu

In terms of how we cater for the children, our Catering Team operate a ‘cook to order’ system.  Each day, the children will choose the meal they would like and this is denoted by them wearing a green band for a protein based meal e.g. a traditional roast dinner, a yellow band which denotes a vegetarian meal e.g. pasta or an orange band if they require a pasta pot, jacket potato or a grab-and-go bag (we vary the options half-termly).  They present their wristband to the Catering Staff in return for their meal, it’s as simple as that!  The great advantage of this system is that children who are last in the line still get the meal they have asked for not the unpopular leftovers (surely you remember that scenario from your own school days?!)

The menu is changed throughout the year and operates on a three-weekly cycle.  If you open the current menu (attached at the foot of this page) this will become clear.

Special Dietary Requirements

If your child suffers from any dietary conditions, this doesn’t preclude them from staying for school dinners. Please speak to our Cook Supervisor and explain the background and she will work a menu around your child to accommodate their dietary needs.

We’re here to help!

As always, staff in the School Office are always on hand to assist with any queries you may have in relation to school meals and this includes your entitlement to Free School Meals.  Please ask!

Here is our current menu…