School Council

Welcome to the School Council 2018-2019!

At South Wilford, every class in Year 1 through to Year 6 have a School Council representative. We hold regular meetings to discuss ways in which we can improve our school. We also come up with ideas for raising money for charity and for the school and often act as the judging panel for school competitions.

The School Council members will regularly meet to discuss the views and ideas of pupils at South Wilford. These discussions are then fed back to the rest of school through this website page, classroom discussions and assemblies

Mrs Bramley also shares many of the issues raised with the teachers in staff meetings.

Our School Council Representatives are:

Pluto – Lewis and Izzy
Neptune – Jude and Amelie
Jupiter – Lucas and Erin
Saturn – Oliver and Lucy
Mars – Tyler and Indya
Earth – Niamh and Ben
Venus – Jackson and Arabella
Mercury – Johnny and Daisy
Stars – Matthew and Esul
Galaxy – Caleb and Poppy
Sun – Emmy and Jensen
Moon – Filip and Keerat

We have been voted by our classmates to take on the role this year and this is some of the things that we will be doing:

We will be listening to other children’s ideas for the school.

We will be judging the best corridor display in school competition.

We will be planning and running the Red Nose Day and Children in Need fundraising activities.

We will help interview teachers and teaching assistants if they apply for jobs here.

We will be making decisions for the school about different things.

We will be talking to teachers and children about what they want to make the school a better place.