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Year 3

Autumn term

Curriculum showcase

For the curriculum showcase this term, we showed how we could dress a Viking, using all the knowledge we have gained about them so far. We thought carefully about their jobs, practicality and fashion!

Viking day!

Our Viking day this term was amazing! We had so much fun raiding the school for treasure. We also made shields and bread. We particularly enjoyed our Viking story around the fire pit!

In RE we have been thinking about the natural world around us

In Topic we have created animations to show the journey the Vikings made from Scandinavia to Britain

The Vikings

This term, we are being inspired by Asgard and designing our own Viking settings. We are enjoying learning lots of new and exciting facts about Viking Gods and their homes and using these facts to build our own descriptions.


To start our maths this year, we are revisiting place value and thinking about our basic number knowledge and skills. Our working walls as seen in this photo help us to access our learning and remind us of the methods we have been learning. They are also a great reminder of the visual representations and resources we can use to help us with our maths.

Summer Term- Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward

This term we have been learning all about Fashion with a focus on identity. Themes we have covered are designing and making our own T-shirts for the Year 3 Catwalk, studying Paul Smith and creating artwork inspired by him. Amazingly, we all wrote letters to Paul Smith and received a card and a beautiful Paul Smith note book. He was so impressed by the year 3s hard work!

The Great Food Debate

In the spring term we have been learning all about food from around the world with a focus on geography and location. Some of the themes we have focused on are Fair Trade, growing local food using our new allotment at school, creating healthy and diverse recipes, discovering local chefs such as Mr Putman’s weekly column in NG3 magazine and visiting Greens Windmill in Sneinton to discover local flour and bread production. 


Autumn term in year 3 2022

This term in Year 3 we are learning all about the Viking, the invasions they went on, how they travelled around and generally a historical exploration into the Vikings. There are many different resources you could use at home to help your child with the Vikings, such as bbc bite size, horrible histories, DK explore and more! The children are loving the topic and will be looking forward to Viking day in autumn 2. 


Horrible Histories | Vicious Vikings | Compilation | Horrible Histories

RE: Salvation. Which crosses represent the parts of the Easter story and why?

Classroom displays

Three Times Table Song (Cover of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars)

Practice your times tables at home!