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School Dinners

We are always in the mood for good food!

We are Aspens Services, a market leading education catering company specialising in school food.


We only work in the education sector so we know what our customers want.  Mixing this knowledge with an understanding of what’s hot in the food world sparks creativity and excitement in our chefs. Our kitchens provide delicious home cooked school meals each day and cater for individual dietary requirements.


We don’t just provide food, we play our part to educate children and raise awareness about nutrition, food and where it comes from, so that they can make informed and mindful choices.  Feeding our future.


We make sure that our Food Festival lunch menus are packed with comfort dishes and, at the same time, we help pupils to take their first steps with new tastes to explore.  We make the most of fruit and vegetables that are in season, because that’s when they taste best and are the most planet friendly too.


Free school meals


All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are currently entitled to receive UNIVERSAL FREE SCHOOL MEALS!  We think it’s a fantastic idea so please make sure that you support this initiative. Not only will you be saving money but you will also be giving your child a nutritionally balanced meal to fuel their bodies for the rest of the learning day.


Please note that this is not to be confused with FREE SCHOOL MEALS that you may be entitled to for children in any year.  Please request the relevant form from the school office or look at this website:


Food Festival Menu


The school menu rotates on a three-week basis and refreshes for Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons. 


Special diets 


Special diets are an integral part of our education catering provision, whether as a result of an ethical or religious belief or a food intolerance or allergy. To register this as a requirement please complete and return the special diets form to the school as soon as possible. 


Joining our team  


It takes some pretty special people to make sure that we give our schoolchildren and young adults great food every day.  We are keen to add to our teams with talented people and so if you are looking for an opportunity to challenge yourself and learn new skills, let us know.


To find out more, please visit our website to learn more about our school meals.




Making great school food memories!


Packed Lunches

If your child is bringing packed lunches to school please ensure they are provided a healthy and balanced meal. Please do not send any chocolate bars or sweets. Please ensure your child’s packed lunch does not contain any nuts, we have several children and staff at the school with nut allergies which we must protect. To ensure everyone’s safety please do not send your child with anything containing nuts such as peanut butter sandwiches, Nutella / Nut based chocolate spread sandwiches, cereal bars etc.

School Dinners

At school we use a system called Evolve to order and pay for school meals, which enables you to select your child's meals from an online menu in advance, with the flexibility to opt in and out of school dinners and packed lunches from day to day.


  • All school meal ordering is completed by you online via a website called
  • You will need to register as a user and create an account for your child/children. You will need your child’s unique activation code to complete the registration process. These are available from the school office.
  • Children in EYFS and Key Stage 1 who are all entitled to Free School Meals still require an account. You will order meals online but there will be no requirement to pay. The same applies to children in other year groups who benefit from Free School Meals (you will still need to “process” your basket)
  • One of the aspects of this system is that menu options for children who suffer from allergies are “locked-down” so you will simply not be able to select some specific meal options. This gives you greater control over what your child is eating.
  • All meals (main and dessert) are ordered in advance by 9am on the day the meal is required. You can order and pay for as many meals as you wish e.g. just one, one week, a half-term.
  • If you forget to select a meal, your child will not go without; the default choice will be ordered for them automatically.
  • The system does not allow for any debts to build. Where accounts become “overdrawn” the balance must be cleared before further purchases can be made.
  • If your child is absent from school and you have previously ordered and paid for a meal, you will need to go online and cancel the purchase by 9.30am

Special Dietary Requirements

If your child suffers from any dietary conditions, this doesn’t preclude them from staying for school dinners. Please speak to our Cook Supervisor and explain the background and she will work a menu around your child to accommodate their dietary needs.


We’re here to help!

As always, staff in the School Office are always on hand to assist with any queries you may have in relation to school meals and this includes your entitlement to Free School Meals.  Please ask!

Here is our current menu...

Saving My Evolve Hub to your homescreen


Android Users:

Go to Google or Chrome on your phone:

Once on the log in screen select the 3 little dots at the top of your screen on the right, this will open up a menu.

On this menu you will see ‘Add to Home Screen’:


You will then see a box come up on your screen, which will enable you to change the name of the shortcut.

Click on Add and it will be added to an available spot on your home screen.


Iphone Users:

Go to Safari on your phone:

Then Go To


Once on the log in screen select your share button from the Safari tools:


Swipe left until you see Add to Home Screen:


You will then see a box come up on your screen, which will enable you to change the name of the shortcut.

Click on Add and it will be added to an available spot on your home screen.