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Year 4

Welcome to year 4!

Peake and Malala


Curriculum Plan for Year 4

Evacuee experience day at Beaumanor Hall


Year 4 had a fantastic day at Beaumanor Hall, where they got to experience what it would have been like to have been a child during World War 2. We got to create our own identity cards as well as go shopping using rations carefully. Later in the day, we took part in a code breaking task like they would have at Bletchley Park. Before we left, we got to experience what it would have been like during an air raid.

To support us with our ideas when writing, Year 4 have been using Skybox Blockadelabs which is a website that uses AI to generate a 360 world based on your ideas and imagination. We wrote setting descriptions that created a war scene to help us understand what it might have looked like during the war.

In Art lessons, Year 4 have enjoyed learning a variety of techniques using the chalk pastels. We explored how different techniques have a different impact when used to create a World War 2 skyline. The children took their time to blend colours, feather and cross hatch and could give reasons for when it would be best to use each technique.

During the Autumn Term, Year 4 have been exploring sound. Recently, we conducted an experiment to understand how sound travels through different materials. We observed grains of rice on a drum and noticed that the louder the sound, the more the rice jumped, this was because sound is vibrations. We also noticed how the water rippled when we placed a tuning fork into a cup.

Year 4 staycation!


Year 4 had a wonderful time on their staycation. Across two action packed days they got to learn their own magic tricks, thanks to the expert guidance of star magician Roy Bond. Alongside this the children got to hold a number of reptiles, including a snake, spider, chameleon, skunk, owl and bearded dragon. There was also a private concert with a selection of songs played by a talented saxophonist. In the evening, the children played sports on the school field, enjoyed a chip shop dinner and watched a film before settling down in their tents. The next day, we got to take part in raft building and kayaking at The National Water Sports Centre. The children had great fun and truly excelled themselves in overcoming any challenges.

Year 4 staycation information 

Autumn Term 2022


This term, we are learning about Cities at War. We are really excited to learn about the Blitz and how it impacted the people of Nottingham.


Please see our termly newsletter below

Evacuee Experience at Beaumanor Hall


The children arrived at school in their fantastic WW2 era outfits, then we boarded the bus to Beaumanor Hall. After a brief introduction, we were taken in our class groups to two activities: radioing and coding, and rationing.


During WW2, Beaumanor Hall was actually used as a secret radioing station, hidden inside what looked like a cottage... However, the top windows were fake! Inside, one room had been turned into a radioing room and the other a coding room in the style of Bletchley Park. The children had a great time passing their heard messages onto the other team.




In the other activity, the children made identity cards and looked at what they needed to make rationing recipes. They went into a shop and used old money and coupons to purchase what they needed.




Then we had the Air Raid. We all went into the shelter, where there were models showing what people might have done there. A pretend Moaning Minnie sounded. Afterwards, we sang Run Rabbit to raise our spirits!




We are confidently representing, partitioning and using numbers up to 10,000.

English and History


We have been learning lots about how Nottingham civilians protected themselves during the Blitz and how their lives were affected.

Chalk pastels

In Year 4, we have been looking at different techniques using chalk pastels. Some of the techniques we used were scrumbling, stippling, feathering and dusting. It was great to see the children being creative and understanding how different techniques and colours could impact the appearance of their work.

Queen Elizabeth II Rest in Peace



We have been investigating how sounds and made and how sound travels through different materials.



We have been learning about how to keep our bodies healthy and fit. Then we have been developing our skills in different games including dodgeball and handball.

Year 4 2021-22

Year 4 have enjoyed their time at their Kingswood residential

Raft Building, Climbing and Shelter Building

Early morning run around before breakfast

We have had a great time so far. Here are some photos of low ropes and scrap heap challenge

The Children have arrived at Kingswood safe and sound!

Kingswood 2022 Information

Summer Term


We are learning about Refugees and Migrants in our ‘Belong’ term. So far, we have been finding out about why people leave their homes and how this may feel, including the Windrush generation and Shelter’s guide to what a place needs to be considered a home. 

We have been reading Shaun Tan’s the Arrival and we are using this to inspire our own migrant/refugee stories.

Residential Trip

In the Summer term, we will be visiting Kingswood for a residential trip that links with our learning about rivers. This will help us to work together as a team and be the best that we can be in different ways. Please see the Residential trips page for more information:

Spring Term

We are learning about rivers in our “explore” term. We have been finding out all about the journey of a river and the different parts of the water cycle through investigations and models.

Impressions of the Trent, inspired by Claude Monet

#TeamFaith with Y4s from Bulwell, Sneinton and Zaytouna

Year 4 Easter Play: The Three Trees

Severn Trent Visit

DT water cycle moving pictures


We have learnt so much about soundwaves in Science.

Wilford Wellness Week

Autumn Term
We have had a great time learning about World War II in the Autumn Term. We read “Letters from the Lighthouse” and “The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe”, finding out what life was like for evacuees.