South Wilford Endowed C of E Primary School

Spark the flame, light up the world.

Curriculum & Knowledge

At South Wilford we provide all children with a global curriculum based on Christian values. Through these values we aim to empower and equip children with the skills, knowledge, compassion, wisdom and hope to make a sustained difference in our ever changing world.


Leadership is the golden thread that runs throughout our curriculum and we believe this along with a passion for exploration and creativity and personal development will enable our children to be the change makers amidst the complexities of life in the 21st century.


Through a knowledge rich curriculum, we aim to spark individual flames, ignite courageous advocacy and go on to light up the world leading a legacy of change for the better.


As with many other religious leaders and pioneers of human achievement over time, our benefactor, Revd. Benjamin Carter demonstrated this example in 1736 when the school was founded. Through his courageous advocacy, his legacy still has a positive impact today. Our curriculum emulates this and extends outwards as we create an environment where pupils, staff and the wider community are inspired to use their gifts and talents to graciously and responsibly challenge global and local issues for the better.

Spark the Flame Curriculum

End of Year Expectations for Maths and English

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