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Year 5

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Curriculum Plan for Year 5

Autumn Term 2023


The children have enjoyed all aspects of this terms topic, The Space Race. Both classes have studied the history and development of the journeys to space, as well as learning about famous astronauts and scientists who helped launched us into the stratosphere. Over the course of the term, children have created a Blog of a fictional planet, written a Biography of Neil Armstrong as well as detailing their journey to the fictional planet of Pandora. We have created our own planets in D.T, listened to Gustav Holst's collection of pieces "The Planet's" , and enjoyed a fantastic trip to The Space Centre. 

Summer Term 2024


This term our main focus will be on Stereotypes. WE are looking at Gender stereotypes this term, in particular The Suffragette movement.This will be followed bu a focus on school and work environments. The second half of term will be focusing on disabilities, look a focus on how schools support with varing abilities as well as the Paralympics.




This half-term, we will be focusing on the works of Keith Haring, a famous artist from America.  The children will have a chance to develop their understanding of what art can be in these fun, engaging lessons designed for the whole class. This will be followed   by designing and creating Tie Die clothing in the second term. 




Whitehead have been learning recorders this term, with a focus on learning to read sheet music. Rashford class have been continuing their M.L.C learning by learning how to be a Foley artist, creating sound effects both digitally and analogue to create sounds fora short animation. 


Class Read

Both classes voted for their class book this term. Whitehead are looking Wizard's of Once and Rashford are reading Amari . From next term, both will be reading Wonder as it relates so well to our current topic. 




Year 5 braved the wilderness this year as they ventured out for an expedition through the Peak District. The children had designed and created Energy balls in D.T for the trip and had a chance to eat them own their journey. The children were brilliant and we were so impressed with their resilience.