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Year 5

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Curriculum Plan for Year 5

Autumn Term 2023


This term our main focus will be on The Space Race. This will involve looking at the history of the events learning up to the first moon landing, the key players involved and other important world events going on at the same time. The topic will be predominantly interweaved into our Shared Reading, Writing, Science, Art and DT lessons where we will explore it in a wider scope of outcomes. 



In science, we have been learning about the Earth, sun and moon, including finding out about different theories through time and facts about the Earth's rotation and orbit around the sun. 



We have been busy making an app prototype on our ipads which contains information about human history from the Stone Age to the Space Age. We have been using Keynote, Chatterpix and augmented reality to help us learn and present information, bettering our knowledge of history through time. 



This half-term, children have been creating their own exo-planets using paper mache, paper pulp and paint. This links to their reading and writing where they have been learning about the planets of our solar system and beyond into order to write a non-chronological report on their own imaginary exo-planet.


Class Read

Both classes voted for their class book this term. Whitehead and Rashford decided on the same book: A Spoonful of Murder. It's set in Hong Kong during the 1950s and involves two female protagonists, Hazel and Daisy who become detectives. It's one of the books in the series called 'A Murder Most Unladylike'.