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Welcome to Oracy at South Wilford! We are immensely proud of our Oracy focus and will be showcasing all our achievments throughout the year .

Oracy at South Wilford

Oracy is the ability to articulate ideas, develop understanding and engage with others through spoken language. In school, oracy is a vital tool for learning; by teaching students to become more effective speakers and listeners we empower them to better understand themselves, each other and the world around them. 

At South Wilford Primary School, we believe spoken language to be essential in the development and achievement of our children across the curriculum. We strive to develop spoken language skills through the taught curriculum, the hidden curriculum, playtimes and lunchtimes, extra-curricular activities and the whole ethos of the school. Children are taught how to be effective communicators through oracy projects that feature skills such as storytelling, debating and presenting. Good oracy skills support wider literacy skills; improvement in oracy is also linked to improvements in reading, writing, and overall attainment. 

Recording for Radio Nottingham's Children in Need and 'Schools Out' show

Year 6 using Oracy techniques in RE lessons and classifying animals

Our Year 1 classes discussing heavier and lighter objects

Our Oracy ladder

Oracy in Autumn

Oracy in Spring