South Wilford Endowed C of E Primary School

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Year 1

Year 1 2022-23

Spring 2 - All Creatures Great and Small

Spring 1 - Where Did the Dinosaurs Go? 

Dinosaur Museum


We have done so much great work linked to our dinosaur topic, we wanted to show if off to everyone!

Art - Clay


We had a chance to play and investigate how to model and join clay to make sculputures. We then put these into practice to make dinosaur sculptures. 

COOL Times (Choosing Our Own Learning)


We have weekly challenges to support different areas of the curriculum. Here are just a few pictures to show what we get up to!

Science Investigation


We carried out an investigation to see what dinosaurs ate. We had some corprolite (fossilised dinosaur poo) and we studied it to see if the dinosaurs were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. 

Forest Schools - Making Dinosaur Habitats


We've had a great time outside making habitats for our dinosaurs.

Art - Sketching


We used different shading skills and techniques to draw our own dinosaurs.



Autumn 2 - People Who Help Us

Visit from a nurse


We had a visit from a paediatric nurse. She told us all about her job and what she does to help poorly babies. We asked some great questions.



We had a great time on a walk in the village. We couldn't believe how much technology there was. 

Science - Senses


As part of our science work, we have been doing activities linked to our senses. We tasted food to see if it was sweet, sour, bitter, salty or peppery. We tried different activities blindfolded to see how hard it is. We smelt 6 different things and had to say what each one was. We felt things inside a bag and tried to guess what was inside.

Visit from the fire brigade


We were lucky to have West Bridgford fire brigade to visit our school. They talked to us about all the different jobs they do, showed us all the equipment on the fire engine and even let all the children use the hose! 

Forest School


To celebrate bonfire night, we have a fire in our Forest School's session. We talked about what we could see, hear and smell. We popped corn using two sieves - it was amazing!

Autumn 1 - This Old House



We loved spending time outside and looking at the change of the seasons. We collected different coloured leaves and other outdoor treasures. 



We looked at some artefacts from homes in the past. We made predictions about what they were used for. 



We experimented with mixing paints. We used primary colours to make secondary colours. We then added more primary colours to make tertiary colours. We used our new sketch books. 



Year one have been on the farm. We love feeding the animals extra greens and checking they are all ok. 








Year 1 2021-22

Summer 2 - How can I make a difference?

Pond dipping


We had a great time pond dipping. We found lots of different creatures that live in the pond including newts, froglets and blood worms.

Community Action Week


During community week year 1 are making our environment better for everyone, including pollinators! We have been digging, planting, watering and weeding. 

Summer 1 - Happy Ever After?

Jubilee Celebrations

We had a great day celebrating the Platinum Jubilee. We baked biscuits, made crowns and had lunch outside altogether. 


DT - moving pictures 


We thought of our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk and created moving pictures. We used these to tell our friends our story. 

Art - Van Gogh


We have painted sunflowers in the style of Van Gogh. We thought about texture and the colours. We think the pictures are amazing! 

PE - Outdoor Adventure


Our new topic is outdoor adventure. We started off with a scavenger hunt around the field.



Maths - capacity 


We worked in groups to work out the capacity of different containers. Then we compared them. 

Spring 2 - All Creatures Great and Small

Science Week


We set up the colour changing celery experiment! We watched over 48 hours to see what happened. 

Science Week


As part of the growth topic year one explored forest school’s area. They took pictures of what they found. 



We followed a map to find hidden letters. They spelt out the secret code word spider!


Animal Research


To launch our animal topic they children can been using lots of different ways to find out about animals. They have build habitats, used the iPad for research, drawn pictures and done shared reading. They already know so much. 



Outdoor Learning and RE


We used our outdoor learning time to look for signs that Spring is on the way. When we see sign of Spring we also know Easter is coming soon. 

Spring 1 - Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?

Dinosaur Museum 🦕 🦖 

Year 1 opened a dinosaur museum to showcase all the work they have done this half term. There was art work, digital learning, writing, science investigations, cooking and forest school activities. They loved showing all their work to their parents and families. 

Wilford Wellness Week


We carried on with our wellness activities - a fun run, dance, yoga, circuits, smoothie making and fruit salad tastings. It’s been a great week and we’ve learnt about how to have healthy bodies and minds. 

Wilford Well-being Week

As part of our of Wilford Well-being Week Year 1 had a Drumba session involving music, dance and exercise. Great fun was had by all! 

We have been palaeontologists. We investigated coprolite to find out whether it came from a herbivore, omnivore or a carnivore. The children really enjoyed it and made great scientist.  

Autumn 2 - People Who Help Us

Nurse Visit 

We were very lucky to have a visit from Lizzie who is a nurse at the QMC. She told us all about her job as a nurse, some of us got to try on the protective gear she wears and Aaryan had his arm bandaged! Thank you Lizzie ☺️

Firefighters Visit

As part of our topic we had a visit from the fire service. They showed us all the equipment they carry on the fire engine. They talked to use about fire safety too. The highlight was all the children got to have a go with the hose. 

Making Puppets 

Our DT project this half term was making snowman puppets. We design, made and evaluated the puppets. The sewing was tricky but we are really proud of the results. 

Autumn 1 - This Old House

We really enjoyed looking at the artefacts from the past. We made predictions about what they might have been used for. The chamber pot was a bit of a mystery!

PE Lessons

Our PE this term has been fitness. We have been doing interval training. It’s fun and really gets your heart beating fast. 

The Three Little Pigs

We have been reading The Three Little Pigs in English this week. In Forest Schools we made traps for the big bad wolf. We had great ideas and worked really well as a team. 

School Farm

We love our week on the farm. We make sure the animals have food, water and clean homes. We check how many eggs are laid each day.

Forest School

Autumn is a wonderful time to be in Forest Schools. We used some lovely books on leaf art to give us some ideas. We created some great leaf pictures of our own.