South Wilford Endowed C of E Primary School

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Year 1

Year 1 2023-24

Autumn 2 - People Who Help Us

Art - Christmas Cards

We explored mark making techniques and colour mixing using oil pastels. We then used these techniques to create a scene from the nativity story.

DT - Snowman Puppets

We designed and created snowman puppets. We tried to make our final product to look as much like as our designs as possible.

Art - Clay and Divas

Linked with RE, we made clay divas to celebrate Diwali.

Computing - Technology around us

In computing we learnt about technology used in the local area. We spotted so many different things including trams, buses and traffic lights. 

Sciences - Senses

We have done lots of activities to learn about our senses. We tried to do different jobs with a blindfold, played a listening game, guessed what was hidden in a box and tasted lots of different food.

A visit from the firefighters 🚒 

We were so lucky that the local fire brigade could come to visit it. We looked all around the fire engine, watched a safety visit, dressed up and even squirted the hose! 



We have been learning about the parts of he body - inside and out. We have found out what some of our organs do. 

Autumn 1 - This Old House

Black History Month


As part of Black History Month we have looked at the beautiful art work by Biss Butler. We used her art as an inspiration for our own self portraits. 



We went into Forest Schools and looked at the signs of Autumn. We looked at all the different colours and used the leaves to make pictures. 



We produced some great work for our Harvest Festival. We mixed our own colours to paint some lovely food and vegetables. We enjoyed showing these to our parents and carers and singing some songs. 



We have been looking at old household items. We enjoyed guessing what they were used for!

Forest Schools


We took our science lesson outside. We read the story of The Great Storm and looked at the animals that live in the UK. We then build some of the animals a new house!



We carried out an investigation into which material would make the best roof. We talked about the properties the material would need to have, made predictions and then tested them.

The Farm


Both classes have looked after the farm this half term. We made sure they had hay and fresh water. We even fed the chickens some meal worms!



The children have enjoyed using the iPads. We have been learning to log into Purple Mash using our log in and how to save our work.

Year 1 2022-23

Summer 1 - Happy Ever After

Year One outdoor area


With a quick tidy and a lick of paint our outside area is ready to use again. It is such a lovely extension of our classrooms and the children love using it. 





We have been learning about division - making equal group and sharing objects out equally. We have done lots of practical activities and even make 'Forest School Soup' by sharing out ingredients. 



We have done our artist study of Vincent Van Gogh. We learnt about his life and the style he used when painting. We explored adding texture to our paint and using warm, dark and cool colours. We talked about how the colours made us feel and came up with names for the colours we mixed. We have then created our final pieces of work - we are ALL artists!

The Farm


We love our week on the farm! Kahlo did a great job feeding, cleaning out and making sure they all had water. Great job team!

Spring 2 - All Creatures Great and Small



As part of our work on the Easter Story, we visited forest schools to see what signs of spring we could find. We were very excited to see lots of frog spawn in the pond!



We have done lots of measuring this term including, capacity, length and weight. 



As part of science week, year one planted a range of seeds. We can't wait to plant them out in our allotment soon. 



We created stained glass window art for our upcoming church service. All the children contributed to these pieces of art by either doing to outline or using chalk.



We used Purple Mash to create mazes by writing our own algorithms. 

Spring 1 - Where Did the Dinosaurs Go? 

Art - Clay


We had a chance to play and investigate how to model and join clay to make sculputures. We then put these into practice to make dinosaur sculptures. 

COOL Times (Choosing Our Own Learning)


We have weekly challenges to support different areas of the curriculum. Here are just a few pictures to show what we get up to!

Science Investigation


We carried out an investigation to see what dinosaurs ate. We had some corprolite (fossilised dinosaur poo) and we studied it to see if the dinosaurs were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. 

Forest Schools - Making Dinosaur Habitats


We've had a great time outside making habitats for our dinosaurs.

Art - Sketching


We used different shading skills and techniques to draw our own dinosaurs.



Autumn 2 - People Who Help Us

Visit from a nurse


We had a visit from a paediatric nurse. She told us all about her job and what she does to help poorly babies. We asked some great questions.



We had a great time on a walk in the village. We couldn't believe how much technology there was. 

Science - Senses


As part of our science work, we have been doing activities linked to our senses. We tasted food to see if it was sweet, sour, bitter, salty or peppery. We tried different activities blindfolded to see how hard it is. We smelt 6 different things and had to say what each one was. We felt things inside a bag and tried to guess what was inside.

Visit from the fire brigade


We were lucky to have West Bridgford fire brigade to visit our school. They talked to us about all the different jobs they do, showed us all the equipment on the fire engine and even let all the children use the hose! 

Forest School


To celebrate bonfire night, we have a fire in our Forest School's session. We talked about what we could see, hear and smell. We popped corn using two sieves - it was amazing!

Autumn 1 - This Old House



We loved spending time outside and looking at the change of the seasons. We collected different coloured leaves and other outdoor treasures. 



We looked at some artefacts from homes in the past. We made predictions about what they were used for. 



We experimented with mixing paints. We used primary colours to make secondary colours. We then added more primary colours to make tertiary colours. We used our new sketch books. 



Year one have been on the farm. We love feeding the animals extra greens and checking they are all ok.