South Wilford Endowed C of E Primary School

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To enhance the enjoyment and attainment of all learners across the curriculum whilst building strong digital literacy skills which give them the fundamental skills needed for modern life.




Please click below for our Computing scheme of work overview. This shows what is taught in each year groups and the programmes and resources we access in each unit of work.

Progression of skills

At South Wilford we cover many of our curriculum areas for Computing using Purple Mash. This scheme allows for progression across the year groups and covers computer science, information technology and digital literacy. A PDF of the progression of skills is attached.


Click here for the Purple Mash login page where you can access a range of resources for subjects across the curriculum, including an extensive range of coding, e-safety and digital literacy lessons.

Technology in the classroom and online learning

At South Wilford, we use a digital classroom platform called Showbie, which allows us to complete work across the curriculum on the iPads. Using Showbie also allows us to effectively provide online learning and feedback for all children and classes.



We had a wonderful assembly last week, which was hosted by Google to allow us to become Internet Legends. The interactive assembly told us all about online safety and how we can stay safe online. We learnt about being respectful with our comments online, how to create a secure password and also how to prevent ourselves from being victims of phishing or fake news.

Year 1 have been learning how to use passwords to login to Purple Mash. They have been learning how to save and retrieve work as well as coding. 

Quizzes on Blooket

We have been using Blooket across school to engage the children in quizzes. The quizzes are a great way to assess what we have learnt and the children enjoy the competitive nature and game like format. It was an excellent way to practise our multiplication knowledge and speed too!

Year 4 supporting playgroup with digital skills

As part of community action week, Year 4 children supported the children from Wilford Play Group with their digital learning. Our amazing Year 4 children supported their partners brilliantly, demonstrating how to use the iPads and encouraging the children to learn new skills. It was great to see the children's enthusiasm and for them to have an authentic outcome as a result of all their hard work.

Creating your own world

Year 4 have been exploring the Skybox Blockadelab app online. This allows the children to write a creative setting description for it then to be brought to life in their own world. It was a great task that works well to inspire children to write and improve their ideas. 


Bringing our drawings to life with animation

We used Sketch Meta Demo Lab to bring our drawings to life. After sketching and colouring in our designs we uploaded them to the website. We could then aminate them and choose how our character would move.

The South Wilford Podcast

We have launched a school podcast as a result of lots of hard work from our Digital Leaders. We used Garageband to create introduction music and record our episodes, with many children contributing to each episode to show all the fantastic things we have been doing in school.

Digital Leader supporting learning

Our Digital Leader have been fantastic in supporting the Year 2 children on their iPads. They clearly and confidently explained how to login and use Showbie to access lesson resources and complete work. They also showed them how to access Times Tables Rockstars. The Year 2 children are now able to work on Showbie independently thanks to the help of our leaders. 

Year 4 Computing

Year 4 have been making e-safety posters to ensure that they understand the importance of staying safe online. They have also been creating an algorithm to make different objects move at different speeds using when clicked commands, buttons and variables. 

Digital Leaders!


Our Digital Leaders have been hard at work creating Showbie accounts for the children in Year 1. Our leaders were brilliant in passing on their knowledge to the Year 1 children and showing them how to use all of the features in Showbie to support them with their learning.

EYFS - Using Google maps to support their Geography lessons


As part of our geography work, following our trip to look at different types of houses in Wilford last week, today we explored the houses on google map.

As part of our Computing, Year 2 have been exploring different ways to stay safe online. They looked at what a digital footprint is and why certain information shouldn't be shared online.


Digital Showcase for Parents

The children loved showing off their digital skills for our digital showcase to parents last week. We were applying our knowledge of The Great Fire of London alongside our Keynote skills to make clear and engaging information posters about the fire.

EYFS – Editing photos

Year 1 – Beebots

Year 1 have made great progress with their coding this year and can use the Beebots effectively to follow a set of instructions.

Year 2 – Quizzes

Year 2 love doing quizzes on Kahoot as a fun way to see how much we have learnt. It was great fun to compete against each other using this interactive quiz!

Year 4 – iMovie

Year 4 demonstrated their fantastic computing skills to create an interactive movie all about Judaism. They included key facts and bought them to life using music, images and different styles of text.


Using iPads to enhance learning across the school