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House Teams

South Wilford House Teams


At South Wilford, there are four houses based on trees from the Bible; Palm, Olive, Sycamore and Cedar.


“Learn character from trees, values from roots, and change from leaves.” (Tasneem Hameed)


Each week house points are collected and displayed on the House Board. Children earn points for good behaviour, special accomplishments and many other things outside the classroom. At the end of each half term the house with the most points win the House Cup.


There are also special Golden house points which are worth 10 points which are given when children show exceptionality at home or school. We love finding out about children's achievements and sharing them with the school at our 'At our Best' assemblies.


There are two House Captains for each house who will be a role model, responsible and encourage their house to ‘Be at their Best’.

Palm House 

A palm tree is a symbol of victory, triumph, peace and eternal life.

Olive House 

An olive tree is a symbol of peace and friendship.

Sycamore House 

A sycamore tree symbolises protection, eternity, and divinity.

Cedar House 

A cedar tree symbolises strength.


Meet the House Captains!

House News!








Last Year!


Last year, we had lots of exciting House Events including a talent show, a quiz, sports day. All the events allowed children to showcase their skills and take part in being a team.

The Talent Show

The House Quiz


The House Quiz was a lively event but great fun was had by all. The quiz was done digitally by using Kahoot.  Children answered questions based on animals, food, sports, general knowledge, books and films. KS1 winners were Palm and KS2 winners were Sycamore.

House Cup Winners

Three cheers to  Sycamore house who won the House Cup for the Spring term with 601 house points!


Congratulations to Sycamore house who won the House Cup in the Autumn term with 543 house points!


The year ended with Olive winning the House Cup with 664 points!