South Wilford Endowed C of E Primary School

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Curriculum Council

The Curriculum council is made up of children who have a passion and drive for each subject. Each curriculum leader works with their adult subject leader to help improve aspects of the curriculum. Activities they have worked on so far include learning walks, collaborating on the action plan, conducting pupil voice, book looks and resource audits.

Every term the curriculum council meet with Mrs Aldridge to feedback and share ideas and learning. 



The Curriculum Showcase Morning


We invited the community into school to show them our curriculum in action. The morning was hosted by the curriculum council who took families around school to visit classes being taught every curriculum subject. Each subject leader explained how we teach the subject and answered questions. They also supported the children in class.

Curriculum Council leading the Curriculum Marketplace at Parents Evening

Click here to read the minutes from the curriculum council meeting in the Autumn term

Ellen, our Reading curriculum leader made it into the Autumn term reading round up!