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Experimenting is key in EYFS and Year 1, and so children are given the opportunity to explore, investigate, and handle the different media to see what they can do. This helps develop a culture of thinking and problem solving at a greater depth level. As they move up through school, children continue to investigate and experiment, but specific techniques are taught to help them build upon their art skills further. By Years 5 and 6, children should be able to select and use appropriate tools and techniques for a specific purpose. Acquiring knowledge and understanding of various artists’ methods, motives and pieces of work ensures that our children access a global art curriculum, developing cultural capitalism and curiosity.


At the heart of the Art curriculum is investigation, exploration and enjoyment! Through creating a culture where ‘everyone is an artist in their own right’, each child has the freedom to experiment, develop, reflect, and importantly, progress. By adopting this mind-set, each child will raise their aspirations and achieve success in art, which in turn will support their mental health and well-being. 


As a school, we aim to provide rich opportunities to support children to develop their Art skills in a variety of media. We take care to ensure that, each year, the children build on previous learning and enhance their skills, enabling them to upskill and progress to their full potential . 


Everyone is an artist!

We are so proud of the children at our school! Look at all of the incredible Art going on across the school!

EYFS joined some trainee teachers and Mrs Williams out in our forest schools area to create some mixed media art! We used clay and found objects to create our favourite animals from stories for other children to find.

EYFS Art. Look at what we have been creating!

EYFS have been working together to creative a beautiful farm mural. They used the techniques of painting and printing. 

Year 1 creating the Art for their e- book in Computing. We even made our illustrations move using animation functions in Purple Mash!

Everyone is an artist! Year 1 have been studying the artist Vincent Van Gogh. They used their sketching skills to find shapes in his Art titled ‘Sunflowers’. Next the children used their mixing palettes to create different tones and tints of colours using the primary colours. They used think paint and quick brush strokes in the style of Van Gogh.

Watch out, dinosaurs about! Year one have been learning all about dinosaurs in Spring 1. They have been developing their sketching techniques by looking for shapes and using the correct sketching pencil. They then developed their shading techniques by selecting and experimenting with different pencil grades.

Dinosaur sculptures. Year 1 have been developing their sculpting skills by learning to join clay, including using slip. They created their dinosaurs by concentrating on the 3D shapes they could see in toy dinosaurs and recreated them by rolling and manipulating clay. The children also used clay tools to add different patterns and textures to their dinosaurs.

Year 1 Art from Autumn term 2021

Year 2 Art

Year 3 have been learning about the the British fashion designer Paul Smith. Here the children are exploring pattern and colour through watercolours.

Year 4 Art

In Year 5, the children studied Andy Goldsworthy and learned all about land art. During their trip to Castletown in the Peak District, they spent an hour collecting materials from the environment and creating their own site-specific artwork.

Year 6 Art