South Wilford Endowed C of E Primary School

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The children at South Wilford will learn to be confident and creative writers through an engaging, knowledge rich curriculum. Accurate use of grammar and clever use of language will be evident in writing that has a clear, authentic purpose and audience. Teachers will expertly model excellent writing and provide children with the skills to improve their own writing independently and effectively. Wider reading will build the children's knowledge and help to model how to write effectively.


We approach our writing on the basis that the more a child knows and cares about a subject, the more successful their writing will be; based on the research of the Writing Revolution. Therefore, the initial part of a new writing topic is designed around building knowledge and vocabulary whilst immersing the children in engaging subjects. Each piece of writing has a purpose and an audience. Teachers then plan in the elements of grammar and genre features required in that style of writing, and teach the children to plan their writing effectively. The final element is the drafting and publishing phase, in which we teach the skills of editing and improving before producing the finished article.


Please click on the 'How We Teach Writing' link below for more information regarding the implementation of our curriculum.


How children’s writing progresses over time