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Year 2

Curriculum plan for Year 2

Summer 2024


World Party


This term we will be learning all about cultures and celebrations around the world.


We will look at belonging in different religions. It is always lovely to share different faiths and celebrations. We loved learning about the meaning of our names.


We will also be learning about and comparing carnivals in Brazil, England and Africa.


In art, we have designed our own carnival mask, and we will be using these to make a collagraph and prints.


Here are some of our collagraph plates so far...


Spring 2024


All Things Curious


We all had a wonderful time when the University brought in lots of curious objects. The children got to touch, create rubbings, look under a microscope and observe lots of interesting items. One of our favourites was the elephant's tooth and the octopus in a jar!










This Spring term, our topic is Humans V Animals. We have been looking at different animals and how they adapt to their surroundings. We will have learnt all about polar bears, what makes them suited to living in the Arctic and explored how climate change is making their lives difficult. This inspired us to make leaflets explaining how we can Save Our Planet!


We have started reading There's a Rang-Tan in my Bedroom by James Sellick. We will be using this story as inspiration to write our own stories. 


You can listen to the story yourself here... 


We are looking forward to sharing our stories with you.


We are also looking forward to our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park where we will take part in an educational session and see real life polar bears!






In Science, we have been exploring living things and life cycles to help us understand the world around us more. We really enjoyed investigating micro-habitats within the school grounds. Look at what we found....



Materials Experiment


In science we have been learning about materials and we have been exploring which material would make the best house. We thought about how waterproof the materials were, how strong they would be in the wind and if they would break easily. We had lots of fun learning outside as a year group.








Autumn 23


We are learning about The Great Fire of London. We have enjoyed exploring 17th Century life. We were shocked to learn that most children were at work not school. We were also surprised to find out they had no toilets and no electricity! We think that life must have been a bit boring and smelly. 

We have been writing setting descriptions about London. We have used our senses, adjectives and conjunctions to add detail and make it feel like we were really there. Here are some examples we are really proud of. 





We had a lovely time in Year 2, listening and learning about Chinese New Year. We are so lucky to have some experts to show us how to hold and use chopsticks and get to look at many things that Mrs Newton has brought back from Hong Kong. We loved finding out which spirit animals that we and our loved ones are. Lots of lovely red pockets were created and given with kind messages to spread joy. Such an amazing afternoon of learning!

Which material is the most flammable?

During Spring term, our topic will be called Humans V Animals. We will be looking at the animals and how they adapt to their surroundings. We will learn about polar bears and explore how climate change is making their lives difficult. We are going to read some amazing books and write our own inspired by them. We will look at living things and life cycles to help us understand what happens. We will be creating Arctic habitats in DT.Polar bear facts

Re-enacting The Great Fire of London

We had a fantastic time re-enacting The Great Fire of London. During the session we all wore period costumes, retelling the story through narration, mime, chant, music and dance. Don’t we all look fabulous?

Autumn 22


During the Autumn term, Year 2 will be learning about The Great Fire of London. We will be exploring how the fire started and spread. We will compare how things have changed and if a fire could spread as easily today. We are having a wonderful time so far and were really surprised that there was no fire brigade and that buckets were made from leather! There are lots of different resources on the subject, such as BBC Bitesize, Museum of London webpage and DK Explore, which you can look at with your child at home.

Year 2 Staycation


On Friday 8th July, Year 2 had their staycation at school overnight. We had an amazing time, toasting marshmallows, watching a film, playing sports outside and having a chip shop banquet. It was really exciting to sleep in the hall next to our friends and wake up to some yummy breakfast!

Songkran festival

Year 2 had an amazing time recreating a Songkran celebration by having a water fight. As part of our topic work on world celebrations we have learnt all about the Thai celebration of Songkran. Songkran, which is also known as the Water Splashing Festival, is a celebration to mark the start of the Buddhist New Year. Buddha images are bathed and younger Thais show respect to monks and elders by sprinkling water over their hands.

World Party Summer Term


This term we are really excited to be learning all about lots of different continents around the world. We will explore different cultures, traditions, faiths and celebrations that are traditional around the world. In science we are exploring plants, how they grow, what they need to be healthy and how they reproduce. Citizenship and our role as young people in 2022 is a key focus for this topic, helping us to understand how we can have a positive impact on those around us in the world.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park!


Year 2 had an amazing time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We got to see the only polar bears in the UK, which was a great experience as we have all been learning all about polar bears and how global warming is destroying their habitat. We also got to hold a snake and a giant African land snail which was scary but also an incredible experience. 

British Science Week!


As part of British Science Week Year 2 looked at making slime to discover the different between stretching and growing. During our project we learnt about the history of slime, how it was made and experimented with creating our own slime to see how adding different amounts of contact lens solution and colours effected how stretchy the slime was.

Chinese New Year celebrations

Year 2 had great fun learning all about Chinese New Year. We looked at each of the different animals in the Chinese Zodiac, tried some different Chinese food, wrote the numbers 0-9 in and we even received a red envelop which symbolises good luck and prosperity.

African drumming

Sponsored run for WWF animal adoption

Spring Term
This term our topic “What About Us? Humans v. Animals” focuses on climate change and its impact on animals and their habitats around the world. We have been finding out all about the Arctic and the impact of the melting sea ice on Polar bears and their future. We will also be raising money through a sponsored run so that we can adopt a Polar bear through WWF.

Being creative!

During Art lessons, we developed our sketching and shading techniques whilst completing our self portraits. We paid particular attention to the light and dark areas of our photographs and replicated these with our pencils.

Drumba for Wilford Wellness Week!

This week we were so lucky because we had two experts come into school and lead a thrilling Drumba session for Year 2! During this, we got to play lots of fun games, do some exercise and learning different drumming techniques. 

Autumn term

This term in Year 2 we have been learning all about The Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys.

Firefighters Visit
Earlier this week, we had a visit from the fire service who told us all about their job. We really enjoyed learning lots and about their job and asking questions about the equipment they use.

Scientific Discoveries

Year 2 had made great scientific discoveries on the properties of materials to test which ones burnt the easiest. We linked this to our understanding of our history topic, The Great Fire of London.