South Wilford Endowed C of E Primary School

Spark the flame, light up the world.

Pupil Leadership Groups

We encourage every child at South Wilford to become a leader in an area they are passionate about. We believe that developing leadership skills will equip children for their future in an exciting but challenging world. We teach responsibility and resilience as part of our leadership roles.

The School Council are chosen by their peers. They plan and present a speech about why they would like to be on the school council and how they think they can help the school.

The Council represent their classmates and meet regularly to share children's views and ideas. 

They are often part of some very important decision making for the school, including recruitment of new teachers and even the recruitment of the new vicar at St Wilfrid's church!

Visitors to school often like to hear from the school council as they have a very good overview of how children are feeling about school and what children want to see happening.


Our resilience leaders take part in a 12 week training programme to teach them strategies to support mindfulness and resilience. They learn all about how the brain works and how we can use techniques to control our anxieties and support our mental health. On graduation, the resilience leaders then promote these strategies across school supporting other children.

Curriculum Leaders

Our Curriculum leaders were chosen because of their passion and drive for a particular curriculum subject. They work closely with the adult curriculum leads. Activities they have taken part in include, lesson visits, action planning, environment audits, pupil voice, book looks, resources ordering, choosing books, writing newsletters and supporting other children in their subject in classes.

Plans for the future include planning a curriculum showcase day for parents, presenting to the governors and developing the curriculum through blending subjects and promoting more outside learning

The Take Care Team is made up of a dedicated group of Year 6 children. Their role is to 'take care' of the school through some very responsible activities. So far, they have toured prospective parents around the school during our open day, introduced the SCITT cohort to the school and showed them to various lessons during a trust wide introduction day. 

The team are a welcome committee in the mornings for the parents coming into school and are real champions for South Wilford. They are excellent role-models for the other children and are our first port of call for the most important responsibilities around school

Our Sports Leaders are an enthusiastic, energetic group who love to promote everything about sport, fitness and keeping healthy. They work alongside our PE lead Miss Hawkins to develop activities around school to encourage all children to get involved in sport.

Their most recent contribution was to be involved in the design of the new fitness area in the KS2 playground- this is an area with a circuit climbing frame, gym equipment and an area for daily fitness activities. Every week, the sports leaders decide on a fitness activity that they lead at break times and lunch time.

They aim to increase physical activity at break times through leading games, activities and being positive role models to the other children.

Our Diversity and Equality Leaders are passionate about ensuring everyone feels welcome at South Wilford, whoever they are. They work closely with the diversity lead to ensure that every child in school feels included-whatever their race, gender, family circumstance, faith or ability. They ensure our resources and environment are representative of the nine protected characteristics and where they see inequality, they speak out!

They have worked with another school in Sneinton, to share their differences and learn more about children of different backgrounds. They found some interesting differences but also found many similarities too.


Playground Buddies (SWiFTS)- South Wilford Friendship Team

Our playground buddies are known as the SWiFTS (South Wilford Friendship Team) and are trained to support other children at unstructured times including playtime and Lunch time. They know lots of fun games to help children feel included and make friends.

Children are allocated a buddy and they become the person they can go to if they need help or just need a friend.

In their training, the buddies learn skills in empathy, recognising feelings, solving problems and listening.

Our buddies are very reliable and responsible and show a real commitment to helping others.

Our Transform parliamentarians have a very important role. They were chosen by their peers and had to complete an application and selection process. The parliamentarians represent South Wilford at Trust level and meet regularly with the parliamentarians from all of the other schools in Transform Trust.

They plan projects and carry them out in school, ensuring they engage others and feedback the impact to their peers.

This is a very responsible position and we are always very proud of them when they represent the school.

Digital Leaders

Our digital leaders have been chosen due to their passion for computing and all things digital! They are the children we go to for IT support in class. Our current Digital Leaders have also played a key role in interviewing our new Year 2 leaders. They are being trained by the digital leads in school and by Jigsaw24 who are experts in using I pads in class in innovative and transforming ways.

The digital leaders are also experts on E Safety and are great at giving advice and support.

Our school podcaster, Arlo has now produced three very successful podcasts that are available to listen to in the 'podcast' section of the website or on spotify.


Faithful Friends

Our faith leaders support children of all faiths to feel a sense of belonging and encourage children to grow in faith.

They lead collective worship, share their knowledge, create opportunities for prayer and chaplaincy.