South Wilford Endowed C of E Primary School

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Pupil Premium

One of our statutory obligations is to report to our parents and other stakeholders how we spend our Pupil Premium allocation. Pupil Premium is funding allocated to schools in respect of their pupils who are disadvantaged and it should be used to raise achievement levels for those pupils whom we class as ‘vulnerable’. Children for whom pupil premium is received are described as disadvantaged pupils by Ofsted, and so sometimes this term is also used.


Click below to read our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement.

Pupil Voice

We value the thoughts and feelings of our pupils and so every year we speak with a cross-section of our Pupil Premium children to gain their feedback about being a pupil in our school. We aim to use their ideas and opinions about What Went Well... and Even Better If... to inform our decisions and plans for the future.


Click below to read what some of our Pupil Premium children say about South Wilford.


Parent Voice

We also value feedback from our parents/carers and so we carried out a survey with our Pupil Premium parents to to find out their thoughts and feelings about their child's experience at our school.