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Rattle and Roll Breakfast and After School Club


South Wilford Endowed C of E Primary School


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We are passionate about providing wraparound care (breakfast and after school clubs) that offer a safe, enriching and nurturing environment for children. We strive to provide childcare that parents feel really happy with, safe in the knowledge that their child will be having fun, learning new skills and engaging in structured activities. And we pride ourselves in this childcare being really appealing to the children that attend – so they look forward to coming and spending time with us.

Our sessions are focussed and structured. Children join us at the beginning and the end of the school day where we start with a drink and a snack and a bit of downtime. This includes free play and free choice including activities like craft, lego, construction, reading, art, playing outside with friends. Then we run structured sessions and the children are split by age for these.

Breakfast Club

At our breakfast clubs we prepare the children for the school day, in a relaxed and engaging environment, with a balanced breakfast and lots of activities to get them ready for the day ahead. We offer a broad range of choices in breakfast including bagels, croissants, malt loaf, fruit loaf, waffles, pancakes, toast, muffins, crumpets, fruit, yogurts, cereal and a range of juices, plus milk and water too. Children are guided to eat healthily, along with the encouragement to try new things. Breakfast Club starts from 07:30am onwards and we will look after the children until school begins. We can accommodate different working patterns too so the children can arrive at any time to suit you. Each session costs £6.40.

After School Club

At the end of a busy school day we welcome children to our after school clubs for lots of fun. All our sessions are planned by fully qualified primary school teachers which ensures a continuation of provision from the school day, but in a relaxed and fun way. We offer sports, performing arts, craft and more to ensure the children can try new activities, enhance their skills and passions, and build their confidence and social skills.  Our after school clubs run until 6pm and provide a healthy snack i.e. bagels, wraps, breadsticks and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Each session cost £12.


Holiday Clubs

Our Holiday Clubs are fun filled and action packed. Ofsted inspected us and rated our holiday clubs as OUTSTANDING in all areas.  We will run on the school site so the children are familiar with their setting, and we use many of our wraparound staff for these holiday clubs too.  Our clubs are for children aged 3-11 (please note all children must be toilet trained to be able to attend).  We will be running in all school holidays and our day runs from 8am until 5pm (although you can drop off later and collect earlier if needed). Our holiday clubs are £33 per day. 



We accept all childcare vouchers.



All bookings are made through our website where you can find more information.  If you need any further information please call 07722 014301 or email